Teradata Active System Management (TASM) is a powerful tool available to you that gives you unprecedented control over your Teradata system. Teradata 14.0 SLES 11 introduces Teradata Integrated Workload Management (TIWM), which, for the first time, provides workload management capabilities to customers without full TASM licensing.

No two customers are the same, and it follows that there cannot be a one size fits all approach to workload management. In this session, we cover some common, and some not-so-common resource allocation problems and solutions.

We demonstrate how to use the intuitive and easy to use Viewpoint TASM portlets for all your workload management needs. Use Workload Designer to create Filters, Throttles and Workloads, and manage allocating resources between them. Learn to use Workload Health and Workload Monitor for live, in-depth analysis of workload performance.

Come and see how to make Workload Management work for you!

Note: This was a 2012 Teradata Partners Conference session.

Teradata Release information:14.0

Betsy Cherian, Software Engineer – Teradata Corporation
Darrick Sogabe, Product Manger – Teradata Corporation

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Audience: Data Warehouse Administrator, Data Warehouse Architect/Designer, Data Warehouse Technical Specialist

Course number:50478
Training URL:http://www.teradata.com/t/ten/
Format:Recorded webcast
Credit hours:1.00