In today’s fast changing world, companies are constantly looking to find better, cheaper, and faster ways to turn their data into competitive advantage.

At the same time, the data is getting more detailed and more frequent. The traditional process of moving data from platform to platform, from process to process only leads to higher cost, more data latency, confusion as to where it he correct data, and often times, bad decisions that affect the end customer.

It is apparent the old ways of moving data around is no longer feasible, it is time to embrace what the leaders have already know for years: you need to stop moving data and start moving process. Fortunately, Teradata has been the company enabling just that evolution and you can quickly leverage the same capability.

This session highlights the in-database functions that have been introduced since Teradata 12.0. These include Temporal, Geospatial, OLAP integration, and data labs. It also contains some of the new features in Teradata 15.0 with JSON, Script Programs, and QueryGrid which allows you to seamlessly cross platforms to integrate data, and leverage processing from Teradata, Aster, Hadoop and other environments.

Presenter: Rob Armstrong - Teradata Corporation

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