Your company is new to Teradata and wants to move Oracle managed user data into the new data warehouse. As a DBA, your assignment is to move this data into the Teradata system.

On the surface, this sounds like a straight forward effort, but, if you've been around databases long enough, you know that nothing is as straight forward as you'd like. Decisions have to be made about the purpose of the migration - is it to just re-host the data "as is" on the Teradata system or is it to provide new functionality to the user as well as re-host the data. Usually, migrations take the form of something in-between a "simple" re-hosting and adding new functionality.

Along with the effort to determine the business goals of the migration, there are technical issues involved in designing and carrying out a migration. In order to be successful, all aspects need to be understood.

"Migrating Your Oracle Database to a Teradata Data Warehouse" takes a DBA-centric view of the migration effort. We examine those factors that affect the migration of Oracle database structures and user data to a Teradata environment. The type of migration to be performed as well as the technical aspects of the migration of database objects are discussed.

Key Points:

  • One must understand the business goals of a data migration in order to be successful.
  • A synthesis of the migration goals, the database inventory, and the data sources is necessary in order to perform the migration.
  • Oracle databases can be migrated to Teradata

Presenter: Dawn McCormick - Teradata Corporation

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