Provides an overview of the Teradata Database architecture, as well as the features and benefits of the product. Teradata data distribution, access, storage and data protection methods are described. The suite of complementary load, access, and management utilities and tools are also covered, as well as Teradata Terminology.


  • The purpose of the Teradata Database
  • Definition of terms (such as Table, Column, Row, Domain, Primary Key and Foreign Key) associated with Relational Databases
  • Differences between the Data Warehouse and the different types of Data Marts
  • The five stages of Data Warehouse evolution
  • Architecture and components (such as Node, VPROC, PE, BYNET and AMP) of the Teradata Database and how the Teradata Database uses parallelism to achieve its high performance
  • The types of Database Objects (such as Database, User, Table, View and Macro) that may be defined in the Teradata Database
  • The purpose of the tools (such as BTEQ, SQL Assistant, FastLoad, Teradata Manager and Teradata Dynamic Workload Manager) available to support the Teradata Database
  • The purpose of Permanent Space, Temporary Space and Spool Space in the Teradata Database
  • How the Teradata Database uses the Primary Index of a table to distribute and store the rows of a table
  • How the Teradata Database uses the optional Secondary Index of a table to improve data access performance
  • Methods of data protection and types of fault tolerance built into the Teradata Database (such as Clique, Cluster, Fallback Table, Transient Journal and Permanent Journal)
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Audience: <p>This course is preparation for anyone seeking a better understanding of the Teradata Database and also helps individuals pursuing a Teradata Certified Professional certification prepare for the exam.</p>

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