Today's analytic environments incorporate multiple technologies and systems. Getting value from these systems often requires that they work together to address business needs.

Users should have self-service access to the systems and data they need in a timely manner. This allows them to leverage all available analytics and data sources to make well-informed decisions. 

Teradata QueryGrid provides:

  • Self-service access to heterogeneous systems and data 
  • Push-down processing capabilities to allow processing the data where it resides
  • Bi-directional parallel data transfer
  • Easy access through SQL using the skills and tools users already have
  • Flexibility to pick the best-of-breed technologies that meet business requirements

Key Points

  • Understand how Teradata QueryGrid works and the value it can provide
  • Live use case showing syntax and functionality
  • When to use QueryGrid vs. a single system

Presenter: Andy Sanderson, Product Marketing Manager - Teradata Corporation

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Audience: Project Managers / Business Roles, Data Warehouse Architects, Data Warehouse Technical Specialists, CIOs, CTOs, DBAs, System Administrators

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