You know about how the athlete coming off the bench is inserted into a game and radically alters the team play such that the team coasts to victory.  A Game Changer!  So too, is Columnar Partitioning, radically altering the process of physical data model development to ease application migration to Teradata Database. 

We all have large, legacy applications in our environments.  You know the characteristics:  huge tables with a large amount of columns, lots of data, with inadequate or unknown column descriptions, where everyone is loath to remove them for the sake of some query that might need the content.  The result:  An initial physical data model that requires significant alteration once the forklift process is complete.

Teradata Columnar changes the game in migrating to Teradata through swifter model development, better initial performance, and increased user satisfaction allowing the legacy system to be shutdown more quickly.

Teradata Columnar changes the migration game!

Note: This was a 2012 Teradata Partners Conference Presentation.

Presenter: Geoffrey Plummer, PS Principal Consultant – Teradata Corporation

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