Reference documentation related to the Teradata Database.

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C/C++ Coded User-Defined Function Scenario
User-Defined Functions This feature was introduced in Teradata Database V2R5.1.
Period Data Type and Derived Period Column Scenario
Overview: Period Data Types and Derived Period Columns   Teradata Database supports storage and manipulations that involve durations, spans of time defined by a beginning and ending bounds:
ARRAY Data Type Scenario
SQL ARRAY/VARRAY Data Type This feature was introduced in Teradata Database 14.00. Description ARRAY is a type of user-defined data type (UDT) that can represent up to five dimensions, each with a user-defined maximum number of individual elements. All of the elements of an ARRAY must be of the same data type.
Unity Source Link Scenario
Overview of Unity Source Link Unity Source Link (USL) allows reads and joins from an external or foreign database to Teradata Database without requiring data replication in the Teradata data warehouse. USL can be used to: create heterogeneous joins for reporting insert or select from a foreign database into Teradata Database migrate data to Teradata Database
Row-level security
Row-Level Security This feature was introduced in Teradata Database 14.00. Description Teradata row-level security (RLS) allows you to restrict data access on a row-by-row basis in accordance with your site security policies. Row-level security policies can be used in addition to the standard GRANT privileges to provide a finer level of access control to table data.