Teradata Express 15.0 is now available so that you can evaluate the new features of Teradata. Teradata Database 15.0 is the newest release of Teradata’s industry-leading RDBMS.  This release extends Teradata’s leadership in several key areas, and continues to position Teradata Database as the database of choice for Integrated Warehousing, Business Analytics, and participation in the Unified Data Architecture.  

The Teradata Express program offers customers a free evaluation version of the Teradata database as a download from Teradata.com.  While the Express edition is not licensed for production usage and is not officially supported, this is a fully functional Teradata database that is a great tool for developers and testers working on their Teradata projects or other who want hands-on learning with Teradata. You can download Teradata Express and many other Teradata products for free here: http://downloads.teradata.com/download



What's New:



The key categories and features of Teradata 15.0 include:


•          Big data & Analytics

•          JSON Integration

•          SQL-H Enhancements* (not available in 15.00.00 base)

•          3D Geospatial Data Type

•          Geospatial Performance Enhancements

•          Table Operator Enhancements

•          Scripting and Language Support

•          Performance Optimization

•          Light Weight Redistribution

•          Software Efficiency Improvements

•          Ecosystem

•          TASM - Virtual Partitions Enhancement (SLES11 only)

•          TASM/TIWM – New Classification (by Datablock Selectivity)

•          TIWM - Operating Periods

•          Other Workload Management Enhancements

•          Priority Scheduler Enhancements (SLES11 Only)

•          Unity Callback Support

•          Utility Statistics Logging

•          SQL Interface For ShowBlocks

•          Industry Compatiblity

•          ANSI Temporal Syntax Support

•          Sequenced Aggregation Enhancements

•          Aggregate JI for Temporal

•          Teradata Directory Services Enhancements

•          1MB Phase 2

•         Quality & supportablity

•          Faster time to support

•          HSN Health

•          Onsite System & Dump Analysis

•          Intelligent Parser Retries

•          Unresponsive Node Isolation

•          New PI On Access Rights Table

•          Roles Access Rights Improvements

•          Space COD w/o Restart

•          Debugging & Diagnosis

•          DBQL – Show Parameters




More Information

 We have additional articles on Developer Exchange for the new Teradata Express family:

Please note that while the Teradata Express family of products is not officially supported, you can talk to other users and get help in the Cloud Computing forum.


kurmarao1 7 comments Joined 02/14
29 Jul 2014

Don't we have a teradata tool ,which has inbuilt C/C++/VC++ compilers to executes the Stored procedures?.. Thanks..

DAHeard 1 comment Joined 08/13
31 Jul 2014

I cant see the TD 15.0 express VM at the download link... the link points to Teradata Studio Express 15.0.  Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

MarkMarsh 5 comments Joined 03/10
21 Aug 2014

Any news on the TD 15.0 VM?

smazingo 35 comments Joined 04/09
21 Aug 2014

it's on dev/x now. you need to be signed in to see it.

MarkMarsh 5 comments Joined 03/10
21 Aug 2014

Thanks :-)

Tera_Lok 1 comment Joined 06/14
25 Aug 2014

Hi Everyone,
I have dowloaded and Installed Teradata Express TTU 15.0.0 Version client tools fir Windows 8. Could any help me to get VM player with SUSE or LINUX configured with Teradata database for the version 15.0. Please provide me the link to download.
Thanks in Advance.

jb185040 1 comment Joined 04/11
19 Sep 2014

I'm signed in but your link still gets me to the Teradata STUDIO download page. Needs to be fixed asap.
Rgds, Jürgen

smazingo 35 comments Joined 04/09
19 Sep 2014

i removed it since there is a link at the end of the article. thanks, steve

ML500000 1 comment Joined 04/11
29 Sep 2014

Is there a version, which has Querygrid functionality (load_from_hcatalog) already preinstalled?

smazingo 35 comments Joined 04/09
30 Sep 2014

yes, it should be in the list of available download. T14.10.03 w/SQLH. i've also posted an article with instructions on how to use it. you might have to do a search using my name to find the article. steve

pkpatra 3 comments Joined 09/14
05 Oct 2014

I want to install Teradata and informatica in vm ware on my MAc Book Air 4 gb ram 64 bit .But i dont know the
configuration and ram i need to install teradata and informatica . Can some one plz guideme is it possible to
install or not ?



j355ga 8 comments Joined 12/05
06 Nov 2014

We have a developer evaluating some of TD optional features (such as Columnar and Temporal) and also  experiment with QueryGrid  (SQL-H).
Do you know if it’s available for TD VM 15.0? Does it require special setup?
Some of the syntax works, e.g. -
create foreign server hadoop1
    hosttype    ('hadoop')
    server      ('')
    port        ('8080')
    hiveport    ('10000')
but It seems that LOAD_FROM_HCATALOG_HDP1_3_2 / LOAD_TO_HCATALOG_HDP1_3_2 are not installed nor LOAD_FROM_HCATALOG / LOAD_TO_HCATALOG.


smazingo 35 comments Joined 04/09
06 Nov 2014

here are the instruction for setup for SQL H on the T15 Teradata Express.

NC185016 3 comments Joined 11/10
07 Nov 2014

Is there any reason why there is no TD Express 15.00 SLES 11 download which includes Viewpoint ?
I read that it was not included in the 14.10 SLES 11 VM because, at the point that was created, Viewpoint had not been certified on SLES 11.
Surely that's not the case now ?

Neil Corin

fbone619 1 comment Joined 12/14
01 Dec 2014

hello, is there any space limitation in TDExp15 ?
can we set as much as, let's say 200 gigs?

nitesh.r.i 1 comment Joined 12/14
08 Dec 2014

can I coneect Informatica ETL to TD express ?

smazingo 35 comments Joined 04/09
08 Dec 2014

you can use Informatica. Informatica integrates with the TTU products which then call the TD DBS. For td express users that don't have Teradata, the only free version of TTU that you can get is the TTU Windows version we posted on DevX. this is a full TTU version with no limitations. For existing customers they can use any version of Informatica and TTU (linux, etc) and talk to TD Express.

smazingo 35 comments Joined 04/09
08 Dec 2014

the T15 express is limited to 40 gb of data space. we don't offer the 1TB any longer.

smazingo 35 comments Joined 04/09
08 Dec 2014

we'll be releasing sles 11 versions with vp support in the near future. VP was just certified recently with sles 11, so it's just a timing issue.

tkonagai 1 comment Joined 09/10
21 Jan 2015

Are the hardware and software requirements to run this the same as Teradata Express 14.0 as described at http://developer.teradata.com/database/articles/teradata-express-14-0-for-vmware-now-available ?

fhdaniels 7 comments Joined 05/09
09 Apr 2015

Does the TD 15.0 express download support Teradata to Teradata query grid?

QS 1 comment Joined 10/14
30 Apr 2015

Dear smazingo
I have tried your reply for setup SQL H on the T15 teradata express;
"here are the instruction for setup for SQL H on the T15 Teradata Express.
By following the link's scrip and go to step '104 Run setup script',  I cannot find the 'sqlh' folder under  '/opt/teradata/'.  My TD Express version is 
Has TD Express 15.0  another scipt for installing the SQL H? Thanks!

hyst55 2 comments Joined 02/10
27 May 2015

Can we run TD Express on KVM quest (Windows) environment? I ran into an error saying "You're trying to run VMware player on an incompatible environment". Is there anyway to avoide this error?

rupert160 6 comments Joined 09/10
26 Jun 2015

I noticed the instructions for SQL-H were for 14.10 - are they the same for 15.0?

01 Jul 2015

Hi smazingo,

I'm unable to download "TDE SLES 11 for VMware (40GB)", on clicking the download link below error is appearing, tried with both chrome & IE, but the error persist:


This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.



<Message>Access Denied</Message>







smazingo 35 comments Joined 04/09
01 Jul 2015

sorry, my fault. i didn't have the permissions set correctly. try it again. thanks steve

kallu2020 10 comments Joined 03/14
07 Jul 2015

Hi Steve,
I am getting an error 7810 when using Load_to_hcatalog2_1_2 table operator. However I am able to successfully use load_from_hcatalog2_1_2.
I am using TDExpress 15.00.01 VM and have followed all the instructions.
Is there any script or set up missing here. Kindly advice.
Test case:

 ON (



                     ON (SELECT * from userdb.cars_TD2)










            ) AS D1


        ) HASH BY 1









    ) as D2;


*** Failure 7810 [TblOp] TDExpress150001: TDExpress150001.

                Statement# 1, Info =0 

 *** Total elapsed time was 24 seconds


7810   %VSTR. 


This error indicates that either 1) metadata (Hash By clause, Local Order By clause, or Columns Definition) was already specified or 2) The metadata passed as parameter is invalid (e.g., invalid character set, data type)




smazingo 35 comments Joined 04/09
07 Jul 2015

Let me check with the team.

kallu2020 10 comments Joined 03/14
08 Jul 2015

Steve, one other thing I would like to bring up here is the failures I have been encountering with Foreign server.

I am able to successfully create a Foreign server like below. However export, import are not working.

Would you be kind enough to look into these failures as well. Thanks.








       hiveserver ('192.168.xxx.xxx')

       hiveport ('10000')






       compression_codec('io.seqfile.compression.type=BLOCK') ;


 *** Server has been created.

 *** Total elapsed time was 1 second.



SELECT make,price from tdsqlh_test@sdll7940 where make='Buick';


 *** Error 7825 in UDF/XSP/UDM SYSLIB.hcatalog_contract_hdp2_1_2: SQLSTATE

  38001: [TD-SQLH]:TDExpress150002: TDExpress150002

 *** Total elapsed time was 10 seconds.



 INSERT INTO mydb_hdp.cars_hdp2@sdll7940 select * from userdb.cars_td2;

 *** Failure 7810 [TblOp] TDExpress150002: TDExpress150002.

                Statement# 1, Info =0 

 *** Total elapsed time was 13 seconds.


Note: userdb.cars_td2 is a Teradata table with data where as mydb_hdp.cars_hdp2 is an empty table in hive in text file format.




kallu2020 10 comments Joined 03/14
13 Jul 2015

hi Steve, just trying to check for any insights on this. Thanks.

smazingo 35 comments Joined 04/09
13 Jul 2015

sorry, let me follow up with the team.

smazingo 35 comments Joined 04/09
13 Jul 2015

The team is swamped. I started looking at the error in the internal trouble shooting guide. I came up with the following potential meanings for the errors. Not sure if this will help. let me know and i'll continue to pursue having the team look at it. 


*** Failure 7810 [TblOp] [TD-SQLH]: Could not obtain block: BP-1757658947-3
.32.8.3-1405036512676:blk_1073844091_103320 file=/apps/hive/warehouse/tdsqlh_
                Statement# 1, Info =0


Add the below clause verbatim in the query. Example:
SELECT * FROM DATABASE.load_from_hcatalog(USING
) as D1;
if hadoop cluster and teradata cluster are on the same fini band
if on different BYNET
Another scenario is that one of the teradata nodes are unable to ping the Hadoop Data node.

Add below parameter after templeton_port entry:-
This parameter instructs Hadoop to send a Hadoop Node’s name, instead of its IP address.
Second requirement: The “hosts” file on SQL-H server must contain entries for ALL of the nodes in that Hadoop System.
Allowing it to map each received Hadoop Nodename to the external, corporate network IP address for that Hadoop Node.
SELECT count(*)
FROM SYSLIB.load_from_hcatalog(USING
*** Query completed. One row found. One column returned.
 *** Total elapsed time was 11 seconds.

*** Error 7825 in UDF/XSP/UDM SYSLIB.hcatalog_contract: SQLSTATE 38001: [
TD-SQLH]:unknown host: XXX

There is also a chance that you may need the D2D package mentioned earlier in this wiki if it is a TD15 to HDP 2.1.x.x

Please confirm the hostname in the error is included in the /etc/host/ file next to the IPs of the Master/Name node 


*** Error 7825 in UDF/XSP/UDM SYSLIB.hcatalog_contract: SQLSTATE 38001: [
TD-SQLH]:MetaException(message:Could not connect to meta store using any of t
he URIs provided. Most recent failure: org.apache.thrift.transport.TTransport
Exception: java.net.ConnectException: Conne

Check that /etc/hosts has all the Master/Name nodes and Slave/Data nodes.
Ping to the hostnames, telnet with the correct ports to confirm connection.

Depending on full message, but usually means it is having issues connecting to one of the
Hadoop cluster nodes.



prashant5648 3 comments Joined 07/15
15 Jul 2015

what is the dump file size of Teradata Express 15.0 sles 11 ?


prashant5648 3 comments Joined 07/15
15 Jul 2015

It is taking longer to get downloaded and complete.


kallu2020 10 comments Joined 03/14
16 Jul 2015

Steve, thanks for the response. Here is the outcome of debugging I have done based on your comments:

(1) I am able to ping hortonworks hadoop sandbox from TD15(sqlh) as shown below.

TDExpress15.00.02_Sles11:/ # ping sandbox.hortonworks.com

PING sandbox.hortonworks.com (192.168.xxx.xxx) 56(84) bytes of data.

64 bytes from sandbox.hortonworks.com (192.168.xxx.xxx): icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=1.56 ms

64 bytes from sandbox.hortonworks.com (192.168.xxx.xxx): icmp_seq=2 ttl=64 time=0.367 ms

64 bytes from sandbox.hortonworks.com (192.168.xxx.xxx): icmp_seq=3 ttl=64 time=0.379 ms


(2) In my hadoop sandbox there is only 1 name node and 1 data node.

/etc/hosts on Teradata already has entries of hadoop namenode along with IP


TDExpress15.00.02_Sles11:/ # cat /etc/hosts

# Syntax:

# IP-Address  Full-Qualified-Hostname  Short-Hostname

#       localhost dbccop1

192.168.xxx.xxx sandbox.hortonworks.com


(3) Yes I am using TD15 and HDP 2.1 both on VMware fusion. What D2D package that you were referring to.

I am not able to find it in this page. Could you please clarify.


(4) Like I mentioned earlier, the issue is with load_TO_hcatalog only. 

load_FROM_hcatalog is working absolutely fine as shown below(with or with out specifying hadoop_properties('<dfs.client.use.datanode.hostname=true>,<dfs.datanode.use.datanode.hostname=true>'))


SELECT count(*)

FROM SYSLIB.load_from_hcatalog(USING









) as D1;


 *** Query completed. One row found. One column returned. 

 *** Total elapsed time was 7 seconds.






As soon as I use load_to_hcatalog (select statment given in my previous post) I am receiving error.(even with hadoop_properties('<dfs.client.use.datanode.hostname=true>,<dfs.datanode.use.datanode.hostname=true>'))

*** Failure 7810 [TblOp] TDExpress150002: TDExpress150002.

                Statement# 1, Info =0 

 *** Total elapsed time was 13 seconds.


As per, http://www.info.teradata.com/HTMLPubs/DB_TTU_14_10/index.html#page/General_Reference/B035_1096_112K/Database.27.2780.html

Error 7810 is 

Generated By:

FNC Library

For Whom:

UDF application developer


Could you please check this or have some one check this. This will really help in progressing on the POC. Also please clarify on D2D package.


rharitha7 5 comments Joined 09/15
20 Jun 2016

where i can get teradata software for vmware?

smazingo 35 comments Joined 04/09
21 Jun 2016

you need to sign up on Teradata dev/x and login and go to the "downloads" page. Look for Teradata express for vmware.

rharitha7 5 comments Joined 09/15
22 Jun 2016

thanks @smazingo., i signed in and was able to downloaded teradata 13 for vmware. in that zip i can see four parts of vmdk file types. which one i have to use?
Can someone please help me regarding this?

rharitha7 5 comments Joined 09/15
22 Jun 2016

what's the username and password for teradata vm?

smazingo 35 comments Joined 04/09
29 Jun 2016

did you find the manual for Teradata Express. there's a link in the description of Teradata Express off of the download page

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