Teradata is announcing new Teradata Express 14.10 images. These new images are at patch level which represents the current shipping version of Teradata 14.10. This gives you access to the recently released Teradata 14.10 database for your test and development needs.


These images represent a departure from the from the TD 14.0 and TD 13.10 releases.

  1. The SLES 11 image does not include Viewpoint. Viewpoint is not certified yet with SLES 11 so that it could not be included in the virtual container.

  2. The SLES 10 image with Viewpoint requires a host computer with at least 8 GB of physical RAM. Viewpoint functionality has been greatly enhanced and now Data Labs portlets are included.

  3. The SLES 10 image with Viewpoint is larger than previous TD Express images, 4.4GB compressed.

  4. The installation instructions have been slightly modified. Please use the new version for TD 14.10.

New images:

  • TD 14.10/SLES 11/40GB/No viewpoint, can run on a host machine with 4GB of RAM.
  • TD 14.10/SLES 10/1TB/Viewpoint, requires a host machine with a minimum of 8GB of RAM.

A 64-bit virtualization-capable PC is required.  VMware provides a utility to check your system for 64 bit support at this link.

As before, 7-zip is required to uncompress TD Express images. Here


General details on the images remain the same as the original TD 14.0 and can be found here:


Instructions for running the images are slightly changed and can be found here:


The new images are available at the down load page

Please note that while the Teradata Express family of products is not officially supported, you can talk to other users and get help in the Cloud Computing forum. Note also that Japanese-language instructions for configuring TDE-V are available for download in PDF format.

patmason 1 comment Joined 03/08
10 Nov 2013

Any ETA on when a 14.10 Sles 11 image with Viewpoint will be available?
Greatly interested in playing around, testing the new TASM under Sles 11

01 Dec 2013

I don't see 14.10 images in Download page. Can you please give me the links for 14.10 images?

Thanks & Regards,

Shrinivas Sagare

Cliff L 34 comments Joined 04/12
01 Dec 2013

You need to be logged in to your DevX account to see the link.

01 Dec 2013

I don't see even after login to DevX. I got some links for 14.10 under "Teradata Express 14.0 for VMware now available" in discussion topic. I hope that will work. Checking it.

Thanks & Regards,

Shrinivas Sagare

edwardstim 1 comment Joined 08/10
04 Dec 2013

Where are the 14.10 manuals for download?

11 Dec 2013

Will there be a 14.10 Express release for AWS?  If so, expected time frame?
Thanks & regards - 
Dan G.

amittera 10 comments Joined 12/09
14 Apr 2014

While running the set up through VM player on my VM machine, we are getting the same error :
1) Your CPU does not support long mode, Use a 32 bit distribution
2) the virtual machine configured is for 64 bit operating systems , how ever 64 bit operation is not possible, the host does not support Intel VT -X
We tried changing the 32 bit OS config as well as changing Processor preferred vitualization engine mode settings from automatic to Intel VT( there are two options), but does not work. Next we will try to see if it can be done at host physical server and if it helps.
Are you aware of any free Teradata database setup which can be run on SUSE Linux free setup/ Windows . I can take help from corresponding OS team to get the OS installed so that i can try running the database software install. Just thought of workaround , till the time VM stuff is not resulting..

Amit Saxena
Teradata DBA


Amit Saxena
Teradata Consultant

Cliff L 34 comments Joined 04/12
14 Apr 2014

This is a VMware Player requirement.
See the  14.10 Teradata Express User Guide. 
A 64-bit virtualization-capable PC is required.  VMware provides a utility to check your system for 64 bit support at this link.
We do not have a Windows based solution.

12 Sep 2014

I'm trying to locate this image, referenced above:
TD 14.10/SLES 11/40GB/No viewpoint, can run on a host machine with 4GB of RAM.
I am also logged in to the site, but I see no trace of the image anywhere.  Would anyone be able to provide a direct link or let me know how I can get the image.

12 Sep 2014

For anyone else who might be having this problem, in order to see all available downloads, you not only need to be registered and logged in.  You also need to have your account profile completely filled out.  Basically, just make sure your address and phone number information is populated in account settings.  Many thanks to Doug from Teradata support in helping figure this out.  I can now see the latest images.

Harinathv 1 comment Joined 04/16
21 Apr 2016

I need to download Teradata Studio Express 14.10, where can i get it

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