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Community Edition is a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) operating system and Teradata Database packaged into a virtual container that runs in a VMware vSphere ESXI virtualized environment on third-party hardware. Community Edition software consists of a template and associated property files and scripts. When a Community Edition virtual machine is deployed, it operates as a fully functional instance of the configured Teradata Database. Once deployed by the VMware administrator, Community Edition can be used to evaluate Teradata Virtual Machine and the Teradata Database.
Note: You must have administrative privileges on the destination VMware environment to install and configure Community Edition virtual machines.

Getting Started

The first task is to download the TVM Community Edition template and install scripts from DEV/x. The download page is located at

Once you have the installation packages from the download page, follow the installation and configuration instructions in the Teradata Virtual Machine Community Edition Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide available on this page.



Please note that while Teradata Virtual Machine Community Edition is a free, unsupported product, you can talk to other users and ask for help over in the Cloud Computing forum