The Teradata Express program offers customers a free evaluation version of the Teradata database as a download from  While the Express edition is not licensed for production usage and is not officially supported, this is a fully functional Teradata database that is a great tool for developers and testers working on their Teradata projects or other who want hands-on learning with Teradata. 

Click here for download information.

Teradata Express Available on New Cloud Platforms

Teradata Express has been available as a Windows installation for Teradata 12 and earlier.  But now with the introduction of Teradata 13, we are pleased to announce that the Teradata Express family of products has been extended to include two new platforms: Teradata Express for VMware Player and Teradata Express for Amazon EC2 are now available.  Both new products take Teradata to the Clouds...  Our VMware Player edition enables customers to deploy to their internal cloud infrastructure while our Amazon EC2 edition enables customers to run their Teradata database on the new Amazon EC2 public cloud platform.  And if that wasn't enough reason for Teradata fans to get excited, these new products now offer support for up to 1 TB of storage!

[June 2010 Update] Teradata Express 13 for VMware Player images have been updated to include the latest patch updates.  Also, a new 4 GB image has been included to support computers with limited available disk space.

[February 2011 Update] Teradata Express 13.10 Available!

[March 2012 Update] Aster Express Images are now available - Introducing Aster Express.

Teradata Express for Windows

This is a continuation of our traditional Teradata Express distribution.  It is an installation package for Windows that includes the Teradata database as well as a collection of the Teradata Tools and Utilities (TTU) along with a demo version of Teradata Warehouse Miner.  This is a complete package that will transform your workstation into a powerhouse Teradata development platform.  Teradata Express for Windows is our 32-bit Windows platform offering a maximum database capacity of 10 GB (up from the 4 GB limit of Teradata Express 12.0).   This version is well suited for notebooks and older workstations. 

Teradata Express for VMware Player

This is an exciting new offering by Teradata.  By leveraging VMware technology, we are able to offer a full configured and running Teradata database packaged on Novell's SLES Linux platform.  With the VMware Player, Teradata can be up and running in minutes, fully contained in its own virtual environment.  As this is our fully functioning Linux 64-bit database, a 64-bit capable computer is a requirement.  And as we've highlighted above, the capacity of the database has been extended to a full TB of data!  Also included with this distribution are our Linux load/unload tools; including our new EasyLoader interface to TPT and also our new SQL Assistant Java Edition.

Teradata Express for Amazon EC2

Cloud computing is the hot new topic in the IT world.  The ability to commission servers in minutes on a trusted, hosted platform has the potential to change the way we think about our IT infrastructure.  Amazon is the leader in this space with its Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) platform.  Teradata Express for Amazon EC2 brings a fully configured Linux Teradata server instance running on Novell's SLES 10 to this exciting new platform.  With your Amazon account, a Teradata server with a full terabye of storage capacity can be up and running in minutes.  This Teradata Express database can be used by your development teams for collaboration from anywhere with Internet access.


Once you have a Teradata database instance running on either the Amazon EC2 cloud platform or as a VMware instance, you can then use the Teradata client tools to connect and query the database.  The Teradata Express Windows Client Tools (TTU) are available for downloading here:

Teradata Express 13.10:

Teradata Express 13.0 editions:

Teradata Express 12.0 editions:

Download Sizes, Space Requirements and MD5 Checksums

Please see the table on the Teradata Express download page.


If you experience trouble unzipping the Teradata Express VMware images, please verify the file size of the downloaded file.  As these files are very large, some file corruption may occur during the download process. 

MD5 Checksums

Additionally, the MD5 checksum for each image is provided to help verify the integrity of the downloaded file.  To calculate the MD5 checksum for your downloaded files, follow these steps for your computer platform:

  • For Linux users the command line syntax is: md5sum {file}
  • For Mac users the command line syntax is: openssl md5 {file}
  • For Windows user: Download a checksum tool, such as this command-line tool from Microsoft.

Problems Downloading Files

Try a different browser
- Firefox, Microsoft IE

Check browser settings and Internet connectivity

- Temporarily disable any firewalls and virus checks

- Enlarge the temporary Internet file cache. If the temporary Internet file cache is too small to contain the file as it downloads, the download will fail.

Enlarge the temporary Internet file cache in Internet Explorer 8 (Windows)

1. Choose Tools > Internet Options.
2. In the General tab, look in the Browsing History area and click Settings.
3. In the Temporary Internet Files And History Settings dialog box, increase the Amount Of Disk Space To Use setting to the size of your file. (The default is 50 MB.)

Enlarge the temporary Internet file cache in Firefox 3.x (Mac OS)

1. Choose Firefox > Preferences.
2. In the Advanced tab, click Network.
3. In the Offline Storage area, increase the amount of space for the cache to the size of your file. (The default is 50 MB.)

Try the download again from a different locationp; ie work and home If you are trying to download using a wireless connection, try the download over a wired connection.

Hard drive
- Be sure you have enough free disk space

Error messages
- Post specific error messages in the forums for help

Check to see if the download is paused

Select Save rather than Open

- Select the option to Save the file, and then open the file when it has downloaded to your hard drive.

64-bit CPUs for Teradata Express for VMware Player

Additionally, the Teradata Express for VMware Player images require a 64-bit capable CPU.  You can be running a 32-bit operating system such as Windows XP as the host platform, but your CPU will need to support the 64-bit Linux environment within the Teradata VMware image.  Here is a link to a VMware support document that explains this in more detail as well as a VMware tool for checking your PC's capability:

Click here for direct link to the Windows CPU Checking Tool

More Information

 We have additional articles on Developer Exchange for the new Teradata Express family:

Please note that while the Teradata Express family of products is not officially supported, you can talk to other users and get help in the Cloud Computing forum.

rlpulley 1 comment Joined 11/09
04 Nov 2009

I have installed the TD13 express addition on my Laptop (XP). Does the express addition support the SYSLIB functions?
It is installed but I keep getting strange errors like cannot find or session monitoring not enabled. I suspect their are some
setup procedures. Any insight to this area of using the OPEN API?

taiphe 1 comment Joined 11/09
10 Nov 2009

After configuring the compiler and link, I could create a function and invoked it from bteq session.
I tried to get the GLOP feature work, but don't know wether the express version support it or not. Anybody from Teradata side can anwser this?

Teradata Mike 31 comments Joined 04/09
10 Nov 2009

Our GLOP feature will be enabled in a future Teradata 13.00.xx release which should be available mid 2010.

tiago.palma 2 comments Joined 05/09
14 Jan 2010

Regarding the VMware version, this means that no 64bit computer no fun, or there's a possible workaround?
If there is please let me know!


tiago.palma 2 comments Joined 05/09
14 Jan 2010

Meanwhile I found the solution for the problem above. I'm using a Dell D630 with a 32bit processor, even though it's a 32bit processor some processor's are 64bit compatible and this you can check with this VMware tool VMware-guest64check-6.0.0-45731.exe

If this tool tells you that it's compatible, you need to go to the BIOS of you computer and enable the option that regards virtualization bios.

I hope this is helpful!

browserTDA 1 comment Joined 02/10
09 Feb 2010

I have download the TDE-V 13 Linux and tried to run the bteq within this VM.

When I tried to logon using dbc account, I got the following message:

.logon dbc


But when I connect to this VM and the database using my host machine Teradata SQL Assist, I can connect to the database and set the following query: select * from dbcinfo;

So I think that my DBS is not really crashed and have no idea when I can not run bteq within VM.
Any advices?


SounderDBA 2 comments Joined 04/10
23 Apr 2010

Can Teradata Express be installed on VMWare Server running on Linux or is it restricted to the VMWare Player for Windows only?

SounderDBA 2 comments Joined 04/10
23 Apr 2010

I think I answered my own question, but please let me know if there are any caveats. "Note that in order to run this VM, you'll need to install VMware Player or VMware Server on your system. " I am assuming that the system OS does not matter since this is a VM.

Teradata Mike 31 comments Joined 04/09
23 Apr 2010

Correct, the system (host) OS doesn't matter. The Teradata VMware image will work on Windows, Linux or even the Mac with VMware Fusion. The only requirement is that your CPU supports 64-bit to run the Teradata/SLES 64 bit Linux image.

sandman 1 comment Joined 04/10
25 Apr 2010

Hi I have just downloaded the Teradata V13 for Linux VM, but when I configure the hosts and try to run it I am getting the following error.


Any help would be appreciated in solving this problem

hyperj 11 comments Joined 09/09
26 Apr 2010

This message occurs when the client cannot talk to the Teradata DBS. The first thing to (double) check are steps 9 - 14 from the instructions:

9.Enter a cop entry in the linux hosts file (/etc/hosts accessible from the linux command line in the VMware console, ie. c:>vi /etc/hosts)
a.Should be something like " hyperjcop1 dbccop1"
b.Use "/sbin/ifconfig" command on linux vm to find the ipaddress
10.Teradata is ready to come up (/etc/init.d/tpa start) (See Figure 2)
a.The pdisks are defined, sysinit is complete, config has been run and the dip scripts are complete.
11.Test with bteq (bteq is the standard Teradata command line query tool, it can be invoked from the Linux command line in the VMware console, ie. c:>bteq)
12.bteq (commands)
a.logon dbc/dbc
b.dbc * from dbcinfo;

javasoft 2 comments Joined 05/10
08 May 2010

Hi,I have download Teradata V13(japanese) 2 times,
but I can not get Disk sdc.vmdk file.
I used winrar to unpack "".
Any help would be appreciated in solving this problem

Teradata Mike 31 comments Joined 04/09
10 May 2010

I just reproduced the ZIP unpacking error with the Teradata Express 13 (Japanese) download. We'll upload a new file ASAP.

Auromira 1 comment Joined 05/10
25 May 2010


I'm having Windows 7 Premium 32 bit OS on my laptop. Is it possible to install Teradata Express 13 for windows in it.

xpoinsard 4 comments Joined 03/10
01 Jun 2010

Could it be possible to hame some clues on how to solve the "DBS CRASHED OR SESSIONS RESET. RECOVERY IN PROGRESS" problem ?

I tried to follow the checklist given below, but some points are difficult for a newbie :
- a cop entry ??
- pdisk ?
- dip scripts ?

Is there a log somewhere with more info on the error ?

Teradata Mike 31 comments Joined 04/09
02 Jun 2010

Take a look at this network configuration article:
In particular, the section that talks about the cop entry should help. I've also just posted a quick admin guide that might help as well:
What is the background here? Have you just downloaded the VMware image and are trying to connect with BTEQ for the first time?

meta 2 comments Joined 11/09
03 Jun 2010


you can simply logon as follows


rajb2r 6 comments Joined 02/10
05 Jun 2010

Thanks a lot. I ve downloaded Teradata Express 13 40GB. still getting started..

it ain't over 'til it's over!

bilal.farooq 3 comments Joined 08/10
22 Aug 2010

Hi guys,

I got a VMWare image of SLES 10 having Teradata DB installed on it, with TTU 13, the file name is: ""

This zip file was given to me by a colleague, who does not know its source. Anyone having any idea what is the source of this VMWare image file?


bilal.farooq 3 comments Joined 08/10
14 Oct 2010

Hi folks,

I want to Install TD 13 Express DB on a PC that has OpenSuse 32 Bit OS.
Any pointers?

I know of SLES 10 VMs that have TD 13 Express available... but I want to use a physical laptop with OpenSuse.


chrispward 1 comment Joined 05/07
08 Dec 2010

I'm running TD Express 13 Windows 32 bit version.
When I try to create a stored proc, I get an error

CREATE PROCEDURE Failed. [5547] Internal Error: RegOpenKeyEx Failed.
I can't find efixes or anything for the 32 bit windows? Any ideas of how to resolve? (the stored proc is very simple...)

create procedure sp_Test



Teradata Mike 31 comments Joined 04/09
10 Dec 2010

My first recommendation to address your CREATE PROCEDURE issue is to use one of our Teradata Express VMware images. While there must be an easy explanation for your current issue, in the long term there will no longer be 32-bit Windows version of Express, so now might be a good time to transition.

tmarijana 1 comment Joined 12/10
21 Dec 2010


Can you please explain to me in more detail is TD 13 Express for vmware only Tearadata virtualization solution or it is Teradata private cloud solution? And if it is private cloud what exactly is in private cloud?

Best regards

Teradata Mike 31 comments Joined 04/09
22 Dec 2010

By 'private cloud' we mean your internal virtualization infrastructure behind your firewall. For example, an internal VMware platform. Our Teradata Express for VMware Player is a virtual machine image for VMware; meaning it contains the full OS plus Teradata, fully configured and ready to run on the VMware hypervisor (the free VMware Player product).

stevehager1970 1 comment Joined 12/10
24 Jan 2011

Are there plans to release a 13.10 version of Teradata Express? I am glad to say we have 13.10 installed at work on a tech and test system, but would love to have an instance running at home too.


helge 14 comments Joined 02/08
25 Jan 2011

We are in the process of modeling a new LDM and PDM, and is planning to use the temporal functionality in TD 13.10. But it'll still be a while before we can upgrade our dev/test system, so we're very much awaiting a Teradata Express version of 13.10, so we can "fiddle around" with it a bit...

So I'm joining Steve in his question:

When will 13.10 be available in Teradata Express?

mm185159 5 comments Joined 03/11
03 May 2011

I have downloaded and installed Teradata Express 13.10 for VMware and it is functionally working just fine. However, my main purpose for downloading this version is so that I could put together a client demo on Temporal Tables. Unfortunatly, the SQL Assistant JE that comes installed in the package is version 13.0 which does not recognized Temporal syntax! How can I install SQL Assistant JE 13.10 into the VMware package?

Teradata Mike 31 comments Joined 04/09
03 May 2011

We'll update the SQL Assistant JE on the next refresh of the VMware image. Meanwhile, you can manually install the 13.10 version (Linux 64-bit) on your virtual image using this download link:

ramubindu 6 comments Joined 06/08
18 May 2011

i want to learn Teradata Express 13.10V so do we have Teradata Express 13.10 for Windows .if it is there please provede the like

dnoeth 86 comments Joined 11/04
19 May 2011

AFAIK there will be no more Windows version of TDE, only VMWare.
But you can download the "Teradata Express TTU Package" at to install the Windows client.



geonil 5 comments Joined 12/09
26 May 2011

Is there any SLES10 SP3 version for TD 13.0 Express?

ndbajde 5 comments Joined 09/06
10 Jun 2011

Are there any plans for an OVF version of Teradata Express?


gandhi27 2 comments Joined 11/09
12 Aug 2011

HI , I have installed TD13 express on my desktop , I allocated 4GB DB size , now I want to increase the DB size to 20 GB , can some one share the procedure how to modify DB size ?


Teradata Mike 31 comments Joined 04/09
19 Aug 2011

The database size is fixed with the Teradata Express versions. I think your best option is to use the 40 GB Teradata Express for VMware Player edition.

dcastor 1 comment Joined 10/11
17 Oct 2011

Hey guys,

I was told that practice data came with this download and setup. Is that true? If so, where is it at within the download? I'd like to be able to load that practice data within my VMware Teradata Express installation (40gb) so that I can begin using the tools and utilities functionality on the data. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks!

SnakeDr 2 comments Joined 09/09
17 Jan 2012

Hey guys,

I've run TDE for VMware on my Macbook Pro using VMware Fusion 3.x successfully. I've since upgraded to VMware 4.x and find I cannot install a newly downloaded instance of TDE for VMware on my laptop. Has anyone else encountered this issue and if so, were you able to address it?

streamsurfer 1 comment Joined 04/12
02 Apr 2012

Hi ,
This may sound weird but the download link of Teradata Express emails the 32-bit version and not the VMWARE Image links. I have 64-bit Win 7 & need Vmware Express image of 13.10 ( 4/40 GB version).
Teradata Mike or anyone Listening ??

Teradata Mike 31 comments Joined 04/09
02 Apr 2012

I'll double-check those links to make sure we haven't crossed our wires. In the meanwhile, can you try with a different browser? I think we've seen some caching issues on the browser that have also caused issues like this.

jhaasksols 1 comment Joined 04/12
09 Apr 2012

Hey, I downloaded TD1310_40GB vmware image, got it installed in vmware player okay and started. It's now asking forusername/password. What does it want, cannot seem to authenticate?

Teradata Mike 31 comments Joined 04/09
13 Apr 2012

Take a look at our article for getting started with the VMware images. The default login is root/root.

26 May 2012

Hi All,

I have managed to install TD14.0 running on VMWare Player. I picked up on a couple of things during the installation

a) If you are running VMWare Workstation, good luck to you --> you may consider reading up on I have a Dell Vostro 3750 and I struggled almost the entire day on getting the timings right between Windows and Linux before switching back from workstation to player. Strange enough, on my home I5 I managed to configure the first time round without a hitch.
b) I did notice that the VMX configuration file which ships with the VM is extremely messy. If you compare the file against the config files for 13.10, it needs a little tidying up. Without a doubt this will get better as time progresses.
c) Somewhere, the message around amending the hosts file got lost. If you compare the manual for configuration on 13 to 14, nowhere in 14 does it indicate that you should update your host file with your ip address, although this should be common sense to most people (unless you just started....)
d) I almost thought my jaw was going to hit the table when I saw what we get in these VM's. Some Data Labs... A fully configured Viewpoint. WITH some walkthroughs on config of data collectors. Brilliant!!!
e) Not so brilliant is that some of the other documentation needs to catch up. For example, if you check the documentation on the TTU Install Documentation, its a bit ambiguous. First it states that if you havent received a CD you should speak to the accounts team. Then on this page it refers to downloading the TTU Express Package but this provides a link to Teradata 13.10 and not 14. Where the difference comes in is for example I would really like to start messing around with some of the TPT Base functionality which I cannot do at the moment.

Surely, for some of our third world countries where clients dont have Teradata 14 yet (in other words, there really is no CD's as it stands) there should be a way to download the CD??? If I could spend 3GB of broadband to get the express edition I am sure I could spend a little more for the utilities?

Overall, I have to congratulate everyone and wish you luck with preparing for TD14/SLES11 on VMWare, that should be quite the challenge to accomplish...

YHKim 2 comments Joined 06/09
29 May 2012

I want to download the VMWare 1TB for Teradata version 12.0. When I clicked this link, but there was not 1TB VMware for TD 12.0.
Where can I download the 1TB VMWare for TD 12.0 ?

ebarner 1 comment Joined 09/09
07 Jun 2012

I am digging for the link to download TD14.0 Express. I cannot find it anywhere on the developer exchange downloads section , or on the Teradata main site. The links all go to a download page where 13.10 is the latest version. Can someone post a link to the TD14 express downloads?

Sudheer501 1 comment Joined 02/10
13 Jun 2012

Is there a possibility that we can get a latest patched version for 13.10 Teradata Express ?

The one that is available is version and it is quite old.


shreya_singh 2 comments Joined 10/12
23 Oct 2012

Hi ..We have downloaded the Teradata 14 VM ware and the TTU(Teradata Express) 13 windows install.
How do we connect to Teradata VM from the workstation though ODBC?
what should be the User_ID and password given?

Yves Pouliot 1 comment Joined 02/10
08 Nov 2012

Same question as Shreya above. Downloaded Teradata Express for VM. Working Fine with bteq and SQL assistant provided within the app.
Dowloaded TTU 13.10 Installer for Windows. Now how can I connect those TD utilities on Windows to my TD express on VM?

Teradata Mike 31 comments Joined 04/09
08 Nov 2012

This article should be helpful:

You'll be able to use the TTU utilities from your Windows host by connecting to the IP address of the image. On the TD Express instance, run the shell command
This will show you the IP address to use for the connection. The default database user/password is dbc/dbc.

04 Feb 2013


Where can I download Teradata Demo 13 for 32 bit Windows. I can't see any link on Download page for same?

ysgupta 1 comment Joined 02/13
22 Feb 2013


I am new to TD. I have installed the TD Express 13 for VMWare on my Windows 7 professional system (64 bit). I am able to intall TD client tools from TTU 13.10 . Even I am able to work with SQL Assistant also. My problem is while connecting to Query Builder only. When I opened my Query Builder,in left side panel I am not seeing the SQL Statements and Procedure Builder syntax. What is the way to get SQL statements and Procedure Builder in Query builder. Please help me.

Subrahmany Gupta Yakkala

prince777 1 comment Joined 03/13
14 Mar 2013

What is the system requirement of TD Express 13 ?
means can I install it on Atom dual core?

bloodytuts 1 comment Joined 07/12
15 Jul 2013

Hi Everyone,
Are there any Installer for Windows 32 Bit? I download before TD 13.10 Express Edition which include database but now when I download Teradata Express 13.10 it does not include Teradata Database 13.10? Do I need to install now the new TD 14.0 inorder to use a Database? I will use it for practice purposes only. Can Someone Help me on this? Thanks in Advance.

Santanu84 12 comments Joined 04/13
26 Sep 2013

Is Teradata Express 13 for Windows still available or it has been obsolete?
I am unable to find it anywhere.

xiaowei_tera 1 comment Joined 10/13
23 Oct 2013

Hi Mike:
      I need to fastload and multiload for Linux x64,But I didn't find the download link!
thanks !

strattok 5 comments Joined 10/09
23 Oct 2013

We have TD Express 12.00.x running at our office. We like it because we can play and test ideas out quickly and safely.
Before installing TD Express 14.x, I would like to know if the DIP script DIPSYSFNC come along with 14.x.  We would like to play with the extended service system functions, such as ROUND().  But I’d like to know if they are there before taking the time to install 14.x
I know in TD Express 12.00.x not all of the DIP functionality is there, so that is why I am asking.

pbbass 2 comments Joined 05/11
21 Mar 2014

I am new to VMware.  How do I take a spreadsheet on my Win7 desktop and load into the
VMware TD 14.10 desktop so the data can be loaded into Teradata ?

TeraPra 1 comment Joined 03/14
28 Mar 2014

We tried installing  TD Express 14.10 on Linux server and we are unable to install the TD express as the version we  have on Developers website is WORKSTATION version. Is there a server version of the TDEXPRESS  that we can install on our existing VM machine on Linux ?
Or is there any packages available to install TD EXPRESS on existing VM ware on our servers ?

TdPassion 1 comment Joined 11/14
04 Nov 2014

Unable to create Teradata Connection Profile in VMWARE Image to start TD StudioExpress Sql Assistant:


Hi All,

Request you all to please help me in connecting my Td SQL Assistant.

I have Windows 8 64 bit Laptop and have successfully installed Vmware Player with TDExpress14.0.3_Sles10_4GB.

I am able to connect bteq but I want to connect to TD Sql Assistant which i think needs an ODBC Driver.

Please correct me if I am wrong so instead of SQL Assistant I can use TD Studio Express installed in Vmware.


But to use that I have to create Teradata Connection Profile which has by default Teradata Embedded JDBC Driver.

But I dont have credential of DatabaseServer Name,User Name, Password to create a new Connection


As it was mentioned in case of Bteq and Td viewpoint so I was able to connect it.


Any help would be really appreciable.








mm185159 5 comments Joined 03/11
18 Nov 2014

So, I take it that no one has been able to use Viewpoint yet with the new TD Express 15.0 for VMware w/Viewpoint?
I have it (TDxpress) installed, the database runs and can access it from Windows. Viewpoint services are started and running (at least according to the script messages). But nothing happens when I type in http://Viewpoint in my browser....My asu
No one seems to know what the IP address is or how to discover it. It is obviouly not the same IP address used to connect to the DB (which works fine). My assumption is that it MAY be the same IP just a different port number, but I can't even find out if that is true or where to get it?
Wish we had some support, the forums don't help when no one has tried it....
Mike McBride

slemme 5 comments Joined 08/11
05 Dec 2014

Does Express work on VMWare workstation also or just Player and Server?

rupert160 6 comments Joined 09/10
09 Jun 2015

mm185159 - I have an old download of TD15 that has viewpoint SLES 10 with viewpoint. I have a second one with SLES 11 but viewpoint wasn't made available for SLES 11. Now it seems they have pulled the download links for both.

sndpsuman7 1 comment Joined 06/15
25 Jun 2015

The link for teradata express for windows is not working could you please provide me the correct link

teraaa1 1 comment Joined 08/15
10 Sep 2015

how to install teradata 14.0 express in windows 7 OS with out vmware
please share download link


wilhelmina 2 comments Joined 06/16
13 Jun 2016

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enjoyed the standard information an individual provide to your visitors?

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wilhelmina 2 comments Joined 06/16
13 Jun 2016

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