This section describes notable system administration issues related to this new version.

Upgrade from previous versions

  • This release will work with the services created from previous releases. In other words, you don’t need to recreate the a new database referrenced by the jdbc/com.teradata.terajmsa.MetaDS data source.
  • This release provides new features/properties for the loader and extractor services. For the service created in the previous release, these new service features will not have any value assigned and the system will perform the default behavior. It is recommended to go over all services and specify the values for these new features by clicking "Modify" button in the "Manage Properties" page. These new features for this release include "Rollback invalid format message to Queue/Topic" in the Loader, "Column contains XML" and "Name Space" in the Extractor.
  • The table TERAJMS_ERRORS will be deprecated and will not be removed from past installations. The new status table TERAJMS_STATUS will be created.
  • During the upgrade, new environment variable version will be inserted into the TERAJMS_VARIABLES table and it will be displayed on the Administration UI .
  • During the upgrade, the old environment variable maxBatchSize will remain in the TERAJMS_VARIABLES table but it won’t be displayed on the Administration UI.

Status table

  • New table TERAJMS_STATUS will be created when the JMS Universal Connector is deployed.
  • This table will contain all the Loader & Extractor activities including successful and failed transactions. Thus, this table will continually grow while the service is running.
  • The Administration UI only shows failed transactions.
  • System Administrator should clean up the TERAJMS_STATUS table regularly.