The Overview section of this guide will provide a description of all the major components used in this implementation in order to facilitate a complete understanding of this solution. Then, each major component’s step-by-step configuration process will be detailed one by one.

Package Contents

The Teradata JMS Universal Connector (download) that accompanies this package includes the following:


  • An electronic copy of this document.
  • Readme file – containing any late breaking information not included in this document.


  • others/terajmsa.ear - for deployment via application server
  • others/terajmsa.war – for Other web server deployment
  • tomcat/terajmsa.war – for Tomcat web server deployment

Support / Requirements

  • IBM WebSphere 6.1, ND 6.1 – Fixpack 7 or above
  • Oracle WebLogic 10.3
  • SAP NetWeaver 6.4
  • Tomcat 6.0
  • ActiveMQ 5.3
  • IBM WebSphere MQ 7.0.1

Process Information

Problem escalation procedures: This solution will be supported through standard Teradata Support procedures. You can also find community support in the Connectivity forum.

Known Issues

  • The feature “Rows per Message” in the Extractor only works with [Rows per Message=1]