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06 Jun 2011

Have you ever wondered how many AMP worker tasks (AWT) were actually being used during an archive or a restore?  You're not alone.  Is it one per session?  Could it be one per AMP?  Here's how it works.

01 Jun 2011

Schumpeter wrote a column in last week’s Economist that did an excellent job in summarizing many of the big data sources that I have addressed on this blog.  It is based on a McKinsey Global Institute write-up, “Big data:  The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity.”

31 May 2011

The most difficult task when converting Flat SQL (cursor-based procedural code) to Set SQL involves translating complex logic and accounting for multiple data sources.  The Derived Table feature of Set SQL simplifies this process.

25 May 2011

In my previous post i covered some ranking functions including SQL:2008 RANK, ROW_NUMBER & DENSE_RANK.

But Standard SQL defines three additional functions based on ranking:
PERCENT_RANK and CUME_DIST as relative rankings and a percentile calculation named NTILE.

19 May 2011

Mobile data and use is driving major changes to many industries, and the use of mobiles – especially smartphones – will be a growing force over the next decade across the globe.

16 May 2011

Some of the SQL:2008 analytical functions are not implemented in Teradata, but most of them can be re-written using existing features.
In this post I will cover the ranking algorithms including DENSE_RANK.

26 Apr 2011

Perhaps the easiest way to transition from a flat logic mindset to a set logic mindset is to convert some Flat SQL to Set SQL, then stare at both of them until the logical equivalence of the two approaches becomes clear.

19 Apr 2011

Maximizing the full potential of Teradata's Massive Parallel Processing requires Set Processing.

18 Apr 2011

Hello all. This blog discusses the recent release of support for both Teradata TD2 and LDAP authentication mechanisms in Teradata Viewpoint. Support for Teradata TD2 and LDAP authentication mechanisms was made available in the Teradata Viewpoint patch release.

18 Apr 2011

Have you ever wanted two levels of control on load utilities?  More specifically, have you ever wanted to limit how many load utilities a subset of users are able to run? This was not possible before, but it is something that is supported in the Teradata 13.10 release.  Let me explain how this works.