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19 Dec 2011

The Viewpoint Portal allows the user to configure their Viewpoint User Profile to display dates in the correct format for any locale and any timezone that is desired. This user profile information is stored on the Viewpoint Server so that all dates can be formatted appropriately either on the server side or on the client side.

15 Dec 2011

I will admit it:  I did not “get” Twitter.  When it first came out, I could understand news organizations and media tweeting information, and well-known personalities tweeting the minutiae of their daily lives.  But I couldn’t understand the draw of the remaining 99% to also publish their lives on a real-time basis.  But my curmudgeonly world filter needs to adapt as the world of data analytics has seized the opportunity of these new data flows.  Some of the articles that I noted lately:

12 Dec 2011

This article provides a brief introduction to JavaScript AMD and MVC technologies. It then details a working example of modularizing the Backbone.js 101 tutorial, “Todos” by Jérôme Gravel-Niquet, using Require.js. The article assumes basic familiarity with the aforementioned libraries, concepts, and example. This will be part one of a four part series. If you already know the basics or would like to dispense with the pleasantries then skip ahead to Let’s Get Started.

04 Dec 2011

Typically most teams that use subversion have developers working off of the trunk and checking in changes/bugs to the trunk. Once developers check in changes to the trunk and the build succeeds, a separate Test team can simultaneously test the checked in code/features while developers are working on other features. When all features have been checked in to the trunk and successfully tested, the code can be released and a snapshot of the Project/Release is placed in the 'tags' directory.


01 Dec 2011

Sometimes we want or need to know which database objects are sourced from a specific other database object like a table. In a perfect environment we would simply ask our perfect meta data management tool which knows everything about data lineage. Unfortunately we are sometimes exposed to a non optimal environment where the meta data management is incomplete or does not exist.

I just want to show some possibilities to get at least some info out of the DB system - if you have the appropriate right to run the queries.

18 Nov 2011

Backbone.js is a lightweight JavaScript MVC framework. The default transport mechanism for CRUD operations is XHR. is a Node.js Web Socket server. This article provides an overview of using as the transport mechanism for Backbone.js CRUD operations via a custom Backbone.sync method.

11 Nov 2011

The native JavaScript String.length is a count of 16 bit code points in a string, which can present a problem in some cases when counting characters and splitting strings in internationalized web applications because some characters are comprised of two code points.

07 Nov 2011

The HTML5 cache manifest is the caching mechanism for the W3C’s specification for offline web applications.  Files cached by the manifest are not deleted when a user clears the standard browser cache, which makes the manifest a more persistent method for caching static assets such as CSS, JavaScript, and images for online web applications. 

01 Nov 2011

Set SQL is a way of operating on data that is radically different from historical concepts of computer programming that can be diagrammed with flow charts.  Grab a cup of coffee and review some history that will explain why the industry is mired in cursor logic and loops that cannot exploit the power of today's software and hardware.