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16 Jan 2012

A "parameterized" SQL request is when you specify a question-mark parameter marker in place of an expression within the SQL request text. Parameter markers are recommended over SQL literals for a couple of reasons.

  1. Because the SQL request text stays the same as the SQL request is executed multiple times, the Teradata Database statement cache hit ratio can be higher, resulting in better performance.
  2. They help protect against SQL injection attacks.
12 Jan 2012

The Teradata JDBC Driver provides both forward-only and scrollable result sets. With a forward-only result set, an application can only fetch rows in the forward direction, using the method. A scrollable result set enables an application to fetch rows in any order.

Since a scrollable result set offers significantly more functionality than a forward-only result set, application developers may wonder whether there is a performance penalty for using a scrollable result set.

10 Jan 2012

“All Things Digital” from the WSJ site pointed to the latest sales estimates for gadgets over the holiday period for 2011.  What stood out was the huge decline in hand-held gadgets:  specifically, dedicated gadgets for which “there is an app for that:”

Blu-ray players: Down 17 percent. (Streaming)

Camcorders: Down 42.5 percent. (Smart Phone)

Digital picture frames: Down 37.5 percent. (Smart Phone)

GPS: Down 32.6 percent. (Smart Phone)

09 Jan 2012

This article is a continuation of Part 1: Backbone.js + Require.js. It outlines further modularizing the Todos application presented in part 1 and introduces “just in time” module loading. 

30 Dec 2011

I know of a Teradata site that chose to use global temporary tables (GTTs) with their tactical queries in an attempt to get good performance against their fact table. However, there are some known limitations in doing that which I want to share with you. Read this posting to find out why mixing GTTs and tactical queries should not be your first choice.

30 Dec 2011

This is a brief introduction to the new provider specific type called TdNumber .  It will be released in the 14.0 version of the .Net Data Provider for Teradata.  This new type corresponds to the NUMBER data type introduced in 14.0 release of the Teradata Database.  

TdNumber will have similar features/behaviors as the NUMBER data type.  The primary purpose of TdNumber is to allow an application to send and retrieve NUMBER data to and from a Teradata 14.0 or greater database.  It will have the following features and behaviors:

27 Dec 2011

Collected statistics are a valuable source of information in Teradata, not only for the optimizer, but also for developers or DBAs. Spotting outdated statistics (which might lead to bad optimizer plans) and implementing/monitoring a stats recollection process are common tasks, which need the current statistics as input.

25 Dec 2011

Teradata's Workload Management offerings have drastically changed over the past few years.  Further, not only has the functionality changed, but the product delivery mechanisms have changed as well.  This blog entry will focus on these delivery mechanisms, and how they have changed.

22 Dec 2011

Data Mover is a Teradata Application that allows users to copy databases or tables between Teradata systems. It is a J2EE-based application that is composed of three major code components: the Client (Command-line interface or Viewpoint portlet), the Daemon, and the Agent. The Daemon is the central piece of the application and the Agent is a worker unit that does the actual job of moving data. Both the Damon and the Agent are deployed in a Linux managed server.

20 Dec 2011

Support for a new dynamically allocated parameter type (TD_ANYTYPE) is available in Teradata Database 14.0. This Teradata enhancement supports input and result parameter types that may be defined dynamically at execution time. The use of the TD_ANYTYPE data type definition in functions and external stored procedures will be discussed.

Some of the benefits of TD_ANYTYPE parameters include: