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This is just a quick note to put some information out here to see if it helps you to more easily create charts from the Resusage data.

Much of the information you should be tracking comes from DBC.ResUsageSPMA, and that is what this process is going to analyze. Note that this process is for TD12 only.

The first file to look at is HigaTD12.btq.  This is the file that you will run via BTEQ to pull the data to prepare for charting.

  1. Edit this file and replace the logon string with the appropriate information for your site.
  2. This file is going to pull data for the past 30 days.  You can adjust that at the bottom if you wish.
  3. This file assumes there is no pma.out file in the directory from which you are running this.  So, DELETE pma.out first! (Yes, I know I could change the script to do the delete for you.  But, I don't want to be responsible for deleting anything from your computer!  So, you can add that yourself if you wish.  Something like ".OS del pma.out"
  4. Once you are ready, then execute the script via BTEQ by using something like this command from a Windows Command Prompt:  bteq < HigaTD12.btq > Higaquery.log

If this was successful, you will have a non-blank pma.out file in the directory from which you ran bteq.

Now you can open the excel spreadsheet entitled MakeChartsRelTD12.1.4.xls.  When you open this chart, you will be asked about enabling macros and you want to answer YES.

Next click on the START button, and you will be asked to navigate to the directory that contains your pma.out file.  Select that file, and the spreadsheet should automatically create all of the charts for you.

Please let me know of your experiences with this process.  Is it working for you?  Are you having problems?

Perhaps in a future blog I will provide some basic "things to look for" in these charts.

Karam 25 comments Joined 07/09
02 Aug 2010

I tried , saved pma.out file , enabled macro while opening excel and clicked on start.
It resulted in opening of MS Visual Basic with a pop up error (Compile error:Named argument not found)with a highlighted text in background :
Any clues?

Woody 10 comments Joined 10/09
03 Aug 2010

The first thing to check when you get an error is that you remembered to delete the old pma.out file before running the bteq scripts a second time. Otherwise, the data is concatenated and this causes the script to fail.

Other than that, it may be an excel version issue. I am using Excel 2003. In talking to you in email, you said you are using Excel 2000. That may be the problem.

Karam 25 comments Joined 07/09
04 Aug 2010

This time around , i tried with Excel 2003 and it worked.....many thanks for the post and suggestion...

11 Jan 2013

Could you please let me know how to do the same from Sql Assistant (using Export results to pma.out, instead of using bteq)?

Woody 10 comments Joined 10/09
14 Jan 2013

I have never tried to modify the SQL to work in SQL Assistant.

anujh 4 comments Joined 05/11
25 Jul 2013

Hey woody have thse been upgraded to TD 14 

Woody 10 comments Joined 10/09
30 Oct 2013

I am not aware of these being upgraded, and frankly I no longer use them so I haven't pursued it.  If I find them for TD14 and above, I'll loop back and post it here.  Thanks.

hammadmn 2 comments Joined 07/13
30 Dec 2013

any update on 14.10 Larry Higa Macros and MakeChart sheet?

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