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In July 2015 Eric shared on insights on the Teradata Python Module which is supporting the devops approach. The article above is describing the main functions and is showing basic examples how to use them. In the meantime, the discussions clarified some questions and also revealed some minor bugs which had been fixed instantly.

There is a demand to have a functionality similar to the industry standard SHA256 hash function to condense RDBMs table content to a single value which is changing completely in case a single bit changes in multi million or billion row tables.

At the Partners 2012 I presented the session “How to compare tables between TD systems in a dual active environment” - see attached slides for details if of interest for you.

Sometimes we want or need to know which database objects are sourced from a specific other database object like a table. In a perfect environment we would simply ask our perfect meta data management tool which knows everything about data lineage. Unfortunately we are sometimes exposed to a non optimal environment where the meta data management is incomplete or does not exist.

I just want to show some possibilities to get at least some info out of the DB system - if you have the appropriate right to run the queries.

Some months ago I shared a demo tool to copy data between two Teradata systems using TPT ( The tool is generating and executing the TPT scripts and enables fast test of throughput and best parameter settings. 

In the mean time we learned some lessons which I like to share here.

Teradata Parallel Transporter is a really nice tool which offers new capabilities in comparison to the existing "old" TD load utilities. One of many other advantages is the ability to move data without landing it to disk (see this article). There are also other post / blogs which give good introductions to TPT.

But as TPT needs a different scripting syntax it is sometimes not easy to get a start on this great tool. Therefore we developed and attached (zip download) a wrapper-like java tool which should help to get a first impression on the new capabilities without the need to care about TPT syntax.

The main functionality is to copy one table from one system to a second system in a Fastexport to pipe to Fastload style. The tool checks the table DDL, generates the TPT script and execute the needed scripts.