Time is one of the most powerful dimensions a data warehouse can support. Unfortunately it’s also one of the most problematic. Unlike OLTP environments that focus only on the most current versions of reference data, Data Warehouse environments are often required to present data not only as it currently exists, but also as it previously existed. Implemented correctly, a data warehouse can support several temporal orientations, the three most common being “current,” “point-in-time,” and “periodic.” Implemented incorrectly, you will create a solution that will be impossible to maintain or support.

Key Points

  • Many organizations from an array of different business sectors have been exploiting the time element of their Data Warehouses for true strategic advantage the past couple of decades.
  • Providing true temporal support has implications on your organization’s logical data models, physical database designs, as well as your data maintenance & navigation architecture and directly relates to the tools that are available.
  • Understanding these techniques and challenges are crucial to enabling a temporal capability.
  • Historically, developing this capability has been achieved through brute force and though use of traditional SQL (non-temporal) data definition and manipulation language constructs. 
  • Learning how Teradata’s new temporal DBMS features including the period data type as well as the associated DML operators and functions can help you more effectively develop a time-related data repository and applications and ultimately create value for your organizations more quickly.

Audience:  Data Warehouse Architect/Designer, Data Warehouse Administrator, Data Warehouse Modeler, ETL Administrators, BI/Application Developers

Presenter:  Greg Sannik, Principal Consultant – Teradata Corporation

Course Number:  46085

Training format:  Live Webcast

Date:  July 8, 2010

Price:  $215

Credit Hours:  1

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