.NET Data Provider for Teradata version (or above) supports integration with Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2013. This exposes the .NET Data Provider for Teradata objects necessary for development of ADO.NET applications utilizing the Teradata Database within Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and 2013.

Following features are supported :

  • Server Explorer Support
  • Microsoft Query Designer support
  • Toolbox Support
  • Window Form Designer Support
  • Dataset Designer Support
  • Data Binding Support
  • SQL Server Analysis Services Support
  • Teradata Generated Data Behavior Support
  • Microsoft Visual Studio IntelliSense Support
  • Help Integration
  • Entity Data Model Generation

e.g., Toolbox Support :

Adding the .NET Data Provider for Teradata objects is supported in Visual Studio Toolbox. These objects can be drag-dropped onto design surfaces within Visual Studio.

For information on Server Explorer Support please go through,


ficklingIan 1 comment Joined 05/13
06 Feb 2014

Thanks for posting this Ravi. 
What would be good if the API's into TPT supported .net libraries instead of having to use C++ dll wrappers.

Ian Fickling

RJerrell 1 comment Joined 03/13
04 May 2014

Partial insignificant support for Entity Data Model Generation......no support for views.  How many developers have table access from a client?  Really?

Roger J - Seattle

ahmad.mahmood40 1 comment Joined 03/16
21 Mar 2016

how to use that in c# code. if you tell me the method then it should be very helpful

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