Microsoft and Teradata worked together last year to integrate SQL Server Reporting, Analysis and Integration Services with Teradata Database. Some MSDN links that provide additional information:

Using SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services with the.NET Framework Data Provider for Teradata

SQL Server 2005: Configuring Reporting Services for Teradata-based Report Models

How to: Retrieve Data from a Teradata Data Source

Microsoft Connectors for Teradata by Attunity

Whitepaper - Improve your OLAP Environment with Microsoft and Teradata

ISV: Teradata

SQL Server Reporting Services connectivity to Teradata was built / linked with .NET Data Provider for Teradata version 12.0. Therefore please install the Publisher Policy assemblies for .NET Data Provider for Teradata to redirect to more recent versions of the .NET Data Provider for Teradata. For example you must install the publisher policy assemblies if you decide to install .NET Data Provider for Teradata version 13.0 instead of version 12.0.