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Teradata Database supports Inline and Deferred Large Object Retrieval modes. The LOB retrieval modes control the content of rows and accessibility of LOB columns. 

TdCommandBuilder class, part  of  the .NET Data Provider for Teradata, generates Insert, Update and Delete commands for a Batch Update. But How can you associate a Transaction with CUD commands given that you have no direct control over the Command generation?

Data Source with Fully Qualified Domain Name can speed up logons plagued with slow "Name to IP-Address resolution". 

Microsoft Visual Studio DataSet designer generates code (C#/VB.NET) to read data from a .NET Data Provider data source or apply changes to the data source. DataSet designer generates parameterized queries and sets the properties of DbParameter object to the corresponding column data type attributes. For example it sets DbParameter.DbType to DbType.String or DbType.Decimal. It also sets the DbParameter.Size to the column size which is the maximum number of characters for Char/VarChar columns.

Microsoft and Teradata worked together last year to integrate SQL Server Reporting, Analysis and Integration Services with Teradata Database. Some MSDN links that provide additional information:

.NET Framework has a very broad support for Asynchronous operations including a well defined Asynchronous Programming Model. All asynchronous operations are started by invoking a Begin method; later a corresponding End method is invoked to retrieve the result. .NET Application can use three different techniques to rendezvous with the asynchronous operation: a) Callback Method b) Poll for status and c) Wait on a thread synchronization handle.