You know how we at DevX World HQ like to keep up with the times... Well, you can now "like" or "plus-one" articles, blogs and forum posts on DevX. This replaces our old "thumbs-up" mechanism. To show the love, just click the appropriate icon in the toolbar at the top of the content page. 

You can practice by clicking the icons *just* above this text... There is also a second set of icons at the bottom of longs pages in case you're feeling lazy when you get down there. If you have any feedback on these changes, please feel free to leave a comment below, or start a discussion in the General forum.

chrisbowie86 1 comment Joined 10/11
08 Oct 2011

This will definitely help to know the popularity of the page or how much people likes them. Do you know about what happened to Google Page Rank tool, why it is not working.

robpaller 16 comments Joined 05/09
13 Oct 2011

Up/Down voting in the forum on posts is still valuable. Also allowing the original poster the ability to mark the answer that best suited/solved their question/problem would be a huge value add. (Of course these ideas come directly from StackOverflow and the StackExchange forums.)

robpaller 16 comments Joined 05/09
13 Oct 2011

Question: Will these Google+ and Facebook widgets be available on blog posts found on Dev Exchange? Right now I am not seeing them. (Using Chrome for OS X)

neilotoole 20 comments Joined 11/08
13 Oct 2011

Re: up/down voting... the StackOverflow approach is nice for forum posts. Under consideration.

Re: G+ and FB: they'll be back shortly... gnarly Internet Explorer issue required them to be put on ice temporarily :-(

DevX Platform Architect

robpaller 16 comments Joined 05/09
14 Oct 2011

Thanks for the update Neil.

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