It's been a busy start to 2011 on Teradata Developer Exchange. Let's get going on the recap.

The biggest development is the new-and-improved Teradata Downloads. The legacy Teradata Download Center has been shuttered, and all content moved to This should result in a more useable, comprehensive, timely, reliable and performant download experience. Since we're on the topic of downloads... the newly available Block Level Compression Evaluation Utility can be run against TD 13.10 to select the list of BLC candidate tables and evaluate BLC space and performance impact. Jenny Wang has also written an accompanying article on the BLC Utility. There have been new releases of Teradata Geospatial, JDBC Driver, JMS Universal Connector, SQL Assistant, and Teradata Multi-System Manager. Finally, there's a new procedure for acquiring  TAM for TRS using Oracle GoldenGate.

In articles, Joshua Skarphol covers some of the basics of the Teradata architecture in What you need to know before creating a table in Teradata. Bruce Britton covers some Teradata fundamentals with How many digits in a DECIMAL? and Why binary information and text files don't mix. Rob Garrison from WebMD explores Teradata 13's PERIOD function, William Schoene explains Access to the Job Identifier in TPT job scripts, Philip Edelsberg demonstrates Using Teradata Query Banding to handle Security Views, and Gary Ryback investigates Teradata Viewpoint performance considerations. Finally, a trio of guest authors from the Australian Tax Office provide a case study of a social network mining application - well worth a read.

Over in the DevX blogosphere, star blogger Carrie Ballinger demonstrates How to set a System-Level CPU limit for Capacity-on-Demand and breathes new life into the Step Time Threshold. Speaking of stars, the undisputed Teradata Forums maestro, Dieter Noeth, has an excellent (and popular) post on Global and session level parameters in SQL. Rob Garrison from WebMD pops up again, with posts on Using INTERVAL to add or subtract with TIMESTAMP valuesDetermining Month-End date for a Date Dimension and Detecting a Broken Prior Value/New Value Chain. John Graas has posts on Smart Systems and 3D Printing; Ulrich Arndt from data2knowledge shows a TPT plain copy tables demo, Cal Arabshahi explains How to specify a Transaction for a BatchUpdate for .NET Data Provider, and wrapping up, David Sakai illustrates Specifying Views In the Entity Data Model Wizard.

And that just about covers the first quarter of 2011. Please check back to DevX regularly for the latest and greatest developer happenings in the Teradata universe.

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21 Apr 2011

Thanks for the recap. I find it very informative.

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