Happy new year to all DevX users, and I hope it's gotten off to a productive start. Time to recap the final months of 2010 on Developer Exchange.

As usual, we'll start with articles, beginning with Hadoop MapReduce Connector for Teradata, which describes how MapReduce programs can get parallel access to Teradata EDW data. Jason Gordon explains how to create your first job in Teradata Data Mover, and Bob Costa introduces in-database analytics with Teradata R. R is an open-soruce language for statistical computing and graphics, and well worth taking a look at. Rob Garrison from WebMD explores Teradata 13's PERIOD Data Type; this is an excellent hands-on dive if you've never actually worked with PERIOD before, and his colleague Joshua Skarphol looks at What you need to know before creating a table in Teradata. Chris Cuciak looks at .NET Data Provider integration with Visual Studio, a must-read if you're a .NET developer. If you're a Viewpoint user (and/or a former Teradata Manager user), then you'll want to look at Gary Ryback's excellent "Where is that in Viewpoint?". More Viewpoint:  read about the new features of Teradata Viewpoint 13.11, in particular the Query Spotlight portlet, which is for "super-advanced system and query analysis". And while we're on new releases, check out introductions to SQL Assistant Java Edition 13.10 and Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse 13.10, and the iBatis DAO with Web Services Wizard tutorial. Kim Turkington explicates Best Practices for Securing a Teradata Data Warehouse, Mark Haydostian continues his series on Teradata Parallel Transporter with Benefits of Scalable Performance, and one more on TPT: Accessing DB2 using the TPT ODBC operator on z/OS. And we wrap up the articles with TPump macrocharset support.

Over on the blogs, star blogger Carrie Ballinger explains how to convert CPU seconds when upgrading to a new hardware platform. David Sakai has an Introduction to the Entity Provider for Teradata, and follows up with posts on Retrieving the SQL generated by the Entity Provider and Using LINQPad to Access Teradata. Tammi Nguyen discusses Retrieving Entity Types with a Stored Procedure and Using Teradata Stored Procedures to Insert, Update and Delete in Entity Framework. Obviously a bit of focus on the Entity Framework from our bloggers. Cal Arabshahi demystifies DbProviderFactories, explains how to speedup slow name-to-IP-address resolution, and closes with how to convert .NET Data Provider for Teradata Learning Examples from C# to VB or C++. And finally, John Grass muses On (Nearly) Free Distribution.

And in downloads: as mentioned above, we have the 13.10 releases of SQL Assistant Java Edition and Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse, and the release of Teradata R 1.0. There are also updates to the .NET Data Provider packages, and to Teradata Express 12.0 for VMware Player. We also have the Algorithmic Compression Test Package, for users to run over specific data at column level to determine compression rates of TD 13.10 built-in compression algorithms. And finally, we have the Teradata Benchmark Query Driver V5, which provides a framework for executing benchmarks driven by a Windows server or workstation and reporting on the results using DBQL.

And that's a wrap for 2010... look forward to lots more in the coming quarter.