With the autumn closing in, it's about time for another recap of activity here on Developer Exchange.

Let's start with the articles. Mike Riordan has a 2-minute guide to adding geospatial location data and Lidia Xie explains how Teradata standalone utilities (such as FastLoad or T-Pump) use the Byte Order Mark to determine the endianness of a data stream. Matt Zenus introduces what he calls the "ROLAP Easy Button" - an introduction to the Teradata aggregate Designer tool. Mike Dempsey explains what's new in Teradata SQL Assistant 13.10 Edition 2 and Guillian Wang shows how to select an ALC compression algorithm (see also the ALC Test Package download). John Smith explores more Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse features such as creating an aggregate Java UDF and creating a Table Java UDF. Thomas Nguyen looks at FastLoad's useful -r option and Gary Ryback provides an overview of some major new features in Teradata Viewpoint 13.10. Darrick Sogabe gives the lowdown on Teradata JMS Universal Connector and finally for Teradata Parallel Transporter, Tony Lee shows how to move data without landing the data to disk and (for TPT newcomers) Mark Haydostian provides a TPT basics tutorial.

Over on the blogs, Steve Woodrow explains how to create those cool ResusageSPMA (Higa) charts, and John Graas peeks at online behavior analytics, "Tera-Connections", and 3-D printing. Our blogger-in-chief Carrie Ballinger has a popular post on Penalty Box Over-Population - well worth a read. And wrapping up Jonathan Yan demos a SQL formatter script and ponders the next generation data warehouse.

And in new software, we have Teradata Viewpoint 13.10 and updates to JMS Universal Connector and the Viewpoint PDK.