We've been flying along recently on Developer Exchange. Where to begin?

Let's start with new software. SQL Edition Java Edition 13.01 was released in mid-May, with new features such as FastExport and FastLoad of table data, advanced authentication, and updates for Eclipse 3.5.2. Read the release announcement for more. The Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse 13.02 was released simultaneously. We also saw updates to Viewpoint PDK 13.02Teradata .NET Data Provider, Elastic Marts Builder 1.0, and Teradata Geospatial Release 1.5.

On to content. John Smith explained in detail how to create a Teradata Project using the Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse and then goes on to creating an iBatis SQL Map. Just got your first Viewpoint system and wondering... now what? Read Gary Ryback's excellent starter's guide to portlets and dashboards, which will enlighten you to the key Viewpoint concepts. All new Viewpoint users should read this, whether you're a business user or DBA. Over in the Teradata Express world, Mike Riordan delved into network configuration of fresh Teradata Express installs, whether for VMware or Amazon EC2, and then provided a handy 2-minute guide to basic Teradata Admin Tools. Speaking of worlds, if you're interested in Teradata Geospatial features, Matt Zenus demonstrated a quicker method to calculate distances on the globe. And finally, for a bit of heavy lifting, David Roth continued his Workload Toolkit series with Analyze Secondary Index Usage and B.K. Sahu and Anita Richards looked at advanced Workload Drill-Down for Teradata Workload Analyzer.

Over on the blogs, Mike McIntire from eBay gave us a hugely popular set of basic scalar string UDFs. Our star blogger Carrie Ballinger furnished tips on using Sampled Stats and explained why - if you're not doing so already - you should be collecting statistics on your dictionary tables (start now!). Marcio Moura from IBM posted a wildly popular piece on Stored Prodedures and then took a dive into Multilevel Partitioned Primary Indexes (MLPPI). If you haven't been following Marcio's blog, you should. Following up on his thoughts on EDW growth, John Graas points out the exploding growth in internet connections and thus Tera-Connections. Finally, if you still don't know about the world-beating Rewind feature in Teradata Viewpoint, Gary Ryback's post on the Rewind Toolbar is a must-read.

And that's about it. Thanks to all our contributors and users for continuing to make DevX such an active and vibrant community. As always, if you have any feedback, you can comment directly on any of the articles or blog posts, or post your musings over in the General forum.