Since the launch of Developer Exchange several months ago, we have been operating with two sets of forums: the legacy Teradata Forums at (which we'll refer to as the Legacy Forums), and the new DevX-hosted forums at (i.e. the new Teradata Forums). We are now about to permanently retire the legacy forums, and migrate the legacy content to the new site.

So, what's happening exactly?

  • Legacy Forums are mapped onto new Teradata Forums.
  • Legacy Forums locked for new content (read-only).
  • All legacy forum content is migrated.
  • User account / history is migrated.
  • Legacy URLs will redirect to the new site

Forum Mapping

Most of the legacy forums will be migrated across verbatim, but in some cases, two or more legacy forums will be collapsed into a single forum on the new site. Why? Because of volume and clarity. Some legacy forums don't have enough traffic to attract significant participation, and therefore forum posts go longer without reply. In other cases, the intent of the forum is vague, or overlaps with another forum, resulting in user confusion, cross-posting of the same message in multiple forums, etc.. We believe the new scheme to be clearer and more viable.

Legacy Forum New Teradata Forum
Data Warehousing Enterprise
Analytical Applications Analytics
Marketing Tips and CRM Best Practices Marketing & CRM
Teradata Database Database
Teradata Tools and Utilities Tools
Drivers and UDFs Drivers -> Connectivity
UDFs -> Extensibility
Partner software applications/questions Third Party Software
Training Training
Jobs Jobs
Teradata Advanced Analytics User Group Analytics
Teradata Viewpoint Viewpoint
Teradata Geospatial Extensibility
Active Data Warehousing Enterprise

Content & User Migration

All content from the legacy forums listed above is being migrated to the appropriate new Teradata Forum. User accounts are also being migrated, but there's a little more detail involved there...

The Legacy Teradata Forums software features standalone user accounts: that is, there is no relationship between your legacy forum account and your T-Pass or Developer Exchange (DevX) account. The new Teradata Forums software runs on the same platform as DevX, and user identity is across between the sites. So, given a user that has an account on the legacy Teradata Forums, here's how the migration will work:

  • If you already have a DevX account, then the transition is entirely seamless. All your posts, history, etc are moved across to the new Teradata Forums. Note that the migration process matches legacy and new accounts based on the account's email address.
  • If you do not already have a DevX account, the account data is still migrated, and a new password generated for the account. The generated password will be sent to the legacy email address. You can then login to the new Teradata Forums, and change that password via the My Account page. Note that there are a small number of accounts where the legacy username clashes with a username already in DevX. In these cases a new username will be automatically generated and sent in the notification email. This username can then be changed via the My Account page.

Next Steps

We expect this migration to occur before the end of this month, February 2010. An email will be sent to all Legacy Forum users shortly with the details, and another email when the migration is complete. Note that at that time, the Legacy Forums will be read-only for a short time before they become entirely inaccessible and are redirect to the new Teradata Forums.

Finally, if you experience any issues with your account after the migration, please contact explaining the issue, including your legacy username and email address, and your DevX username and email address (if applicable), and we'll get right on it. For general discussion of the migration, please see this forum topic.

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11 Feb 2010

Please leave any comments or feedback on the migration over on this forum topic.

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