Welcome back to all our users, let's see what's been happening on DevX at the end of 2009, our inaugural year.

Firstly, some site changes. DevX downloads and forums have been moved to new domains of their own: downloads.teradata.com and forums.teradata.com. This is in preparation for retiring our legacy download and forum sites. Nothing to worry about from a DevX user perspective, the transition is entirely seamless, your DevX identity remains the same across the sites, etc.

One other minor change... owing to suspected ratings abuse, we now require that you login before you can rate content. Since all of you are already registered users (right!?), you probably won't notice that change. We've also speeded up the rendering of the home page, and will continue to work on that.

Santa delivered two new packages available for download. Check out SQL Assistant Java Edition 13.0 (based on Eclipse), and the 1.2 release of Teradata Geospatial Import/Export Utilities. If you are a user of previous versions of either of these packages, we recommend you go ahead and get the latest.

We have a variety of new articles, covering topics such as Invoking Workstation BTEQ to Use Unicode; how to get data to Teradata Express for VMware; a process for identifying redundant statistics; and whether one Viewpoint is enough? On the Teradata Parallel Transporter front, we had an introduction to TPT Operators and looked at loading large objects with TPT

Over on the blogs, Carrie Ballinger advises you to expedite your tactical queries, and delves into NUSI update contention. Marcio Moura from Office Depot joined us for his first blog post, on the right time to refresh statistics. John Graas waxes on logistics, and Steve Woodrow investigates memory on Linux Teradata systems.

Finally, we're still looking for beta sites for Teradata Database 13.10; there are some sweet new features, so check out the article, and consider signing up for beta. It's good karma.