October has been the busiest month yet on Developer Exchange, with an array of new content around Cloud Computing, simultaneous with announcements at our Partners 2009 conference. Where to start? Firstly, Mike Riordan introduces the Teradata Express 13.0 family, which is available in Windows and VMware versions. Jerry Hoadley explains how to get going with Teradata Express for VMware, and  Nick Xie explains how to configure Teradata Express for Amazon EC2. Dan Graham explains the Teradata Agile Analytics Cloud, a user-friendly mechanism that allows business users and developers to easily create a database, upload data, and begin analysis in a matter of minutes, all via the self-service Elastic Marts Builder portlet. And Yu Xu shows how to integrate Hadoop and Teradata capabilities (Hadoop also known as Map-Reduce).

If that's not enough, we released an evaluation of Teradata Warehouse Miner 5.3, and Josh Anderson explores Teradata Relationship Manager's Processing Engine tasks, and explains how to develop your own TRM Processing Engine extensions. Over in the forums, we've just launched two new ones, the High Availability forum, covering TMSM, TRS, TDM etc, and the Cloud Computing forum, covering the cloud-related technologies mentioned above. And in terms of content, traffic, and users, we're glad to report it's been our best month yet. Stay tuned.

Also FYI, the lawyers would like to inform you that our Privacy Policy has changed. That is, we now have a DevX specific policy, rather than making use of the Teradata.com policy. It makes thrilling reading.

One last thing: not only did we have a raft of Teradata product announcements at Partners 2009, but it was also something of a coming-out party for DevX as well. It was hard to miss us...


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05 Nov 2009

Nice stairs... who's the suit? ;-)

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