We've tweaked the RSS feed mechanism so that it's easier to follow what's going on via your RSS reader. This is probably most useful if you're subscribed to the DevX forums feeds, where there's a lot of activity, and you're particularly interested in viewing that activity through the lens of threading.

Here's what the forums feed looked like yesterday:

Forums feed: before

 And this is what it looks like today:

Forums feed: after

It's an exercise for the reader to spot the differences . The tweaks are minor, but if your RSS reader allows you to sort by subject (like your email client does), then it becomes so much easier to get a gist of what's happening on a thread. For example:

Forum feeds: sorted by subject

Since we're talking RSS, I've recently ditched (on Mac OS X) my RSS reader of the last few years - NewsFire - in favor of Vienna, an open-source upstart. I was never a huge fan of NewsFire; I found the interface cartoonish and a bit distracting. With Vienna: well, we're still in the getting-to-know-you phase, but I like the simple UI, and love the fact that you can order the feed items by subject. Recommended.

As always, thanks for the previous feedback, and use the comments section below to chime in on these new changes, or anything else you'd like to see happen on the site.