It was back to school here at the Developer Exchange world domination headquarters, and it was indeed a busy month of September. We rolled out more Viewpoint screencasts, including an overview of portlets and pages, and an excellent introduction to Viewpoint's revolutionary Rewind feature. Viewpoint rewind allows you to travel back in time to see the full monitored state of your Teradata system at any point in the past (well, any point since you deployed Viewpoint; if you haven't done so yet, what are you waiting for?!).

Another big bit of news was the launch of the alpha version of SQL Assistant Java Edition, for multiple platforms, available only on the Developer Exchange. Over the coming months expect to see more early access releases of this sort. In other content areas, Glen McCall continued his series on Large Objects, Carrie Ballinger elaborated on ResUsageSAWT, John Graas blogged on EDW Data Growth and John Smith hit up how to use the Spring Framework with the Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse.

A frequent topic of conversation when I bump into contributors in the hallway or down the pub is how well is the Developer Exchange faring? Well, we just about have the training wheels off the site, but we're very happy with the progress here. Whilst I can't share the details, we have a lot of new features and content planned for the coming months. Traffic-wise, we're very happy: again, I can't share the actual numbers, but the curve is steadily upwards, so thanks to all contributors, both Teradata and external, for helping make this happen.

Teradata Developer Exchange visits

One thing evident from the above graph, is that our users like their downtime on the weekend. As it should be!