It may be summertime and the living easy, and it's true that several regular contributors were spotted sporting conspicuous tans, but August was still a productive month on DevX.

We introduced our first video screencast, an overview of the Filtered Queries portlet in Viewpoint 13.0.1. We intend this to be the first in a ongoing series of screencasts. What prompted this particular screencast is the desire to showcase the power, beauty, and general awesomeness of the latest release of Viewpoint. Michelle Corona gives more detail in the Top 10 New Features of Viewpoint 13.0.1, including spiffy new portlets like Viewpoint Monitoring, SQL Scratchpad, Space Usage and Lock Viewer. Viewpoint's new portlets keep Teradata so far in front of the competition in web-based database management that it's almost cruel.

On the topic of excellent features, David Sakai explains in detail how to use Query Bands in the .NET Data Provider for Teradata 13.01, and Alex Young digs into Teradata Parallel Transporter Active and Batch Directory Scans.  Meanwhile in the blogging world Mike McIntire, our guest blogger from eBay, continues to share his insights on Disk to Disk Backup Architecture at eBay, and Defensive Programming in the ELT environment, while Carrie Ballinger (still holding the top blogger title) delves into complex performance issues with popular items on Index Maintenance and To Peek or Not to Peek, That is the Question. And over in the forums, Viewpoint Widget Development remains a hot topic, and debate still proceeds on what tool do I use to browse a Teradata database?