We launched the Developer Exchange forums earlier this month, and after much pestering from the community, we've now added RSS feeds for the forums. There are feeds for each forum, as well as a combined feed for all forums. Subscribe to the RSS feeds by clicking on the RSS icons for each forum. Coming soon: more email notifications for the forums.

TDobiee 17 comments Joined 07/09
13 May 2010

I am new to RSS feeds so please excuse my newbie questions. Do you have a reader for Windows that you recommend(I saw your Mac blog)? Is there a reader that has "auto-refresh" like an email inbox? How about auto filtering? Say that I subscribe to a site but I only want to see items that have the word "important" in them. Is there anything like that?

neilotoole 20 comments Joined 11/08
14 May 2010

I'm a Mac guy, but from what I know, you might want to try one of these:


Or something from this list:


DevX Platform Architect

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