We're continuing to roll out features on DevX as quickly as possible, so please keep the suggestions coming. We've just made available a fairly comprehensive set of RSS feeds, including site-wide feeds and per-user feeds. To subscribe to a particular RSS feed, keep an eye out for the RSS feed icon Syndicate content - clicking on the icon should result in the browser launching your RSS reader (or you can copy the feed URL and add the feed directly in the RSS reader).

Most modern browsers will also detect if there's an RSS feed on a page and show an RSS icon in the toolbar, which you can then click on to subscribe. Note that some pages offer more than one RSS feed, in which case you might see a drop-down menu when you click on the feed icon.

Again just click on "Subscribe to XXX", and the feed should be added to your RSS reader.


So, what feeds do we have available? Let's start with the site-wide feeds:

  • Syndicate content All content - RSS feed for all DevX content (articles, reference, blogs) etc.
  • Syndicate content All comments - RSS feed for all comments on DevX content.
  • Syndicate content All blogs - RSS feed for all blog posts on DevX.

Like the site-wide all content feed, we have per-subject-area feeds, e.g. feeds for  Database,  Viewpoint,  Tools, etc.

And we also have per-user feeds, which you can access from the user's profile page. A user's primary RSS feed consists of all content produced by the user, as well as any comments on the user's content, and all comments in any thread in which the user has commented (from their first comment forward). Got that? It's basically a feed of all activity involving the user. And if you're a contributor to DevX, your own primary RSS feed is a great way of tracking if someone has commented on your content, so you can respond promptly. There are also two other user feeds; a feed with just the user's content (no comments), and a feed with just the user's comment activity.

Finally, just like the per-user feeds, there are equivalent per-blog feeds, so you can track activity on an individual blog like this one.

So, please test-drive the RSS feeds, and let me know what you think.


dmg 5 comments Joined 05/09
28 May 2009

Woohoo! Add a "send as Email" next to the "Export" button

neilotoole 20 comments Joined 11/08
28 May 2009

Social / sharing tools coming soon, e.g. email friend, digg, reddit, trackback etc. Stay tuned :-)

DevX Platform Architect

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