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We are pleased to announce the availability of 4GB and 1TB versions of Teradata Express 14.0 for VMware, joining the previously available 40GB version. Please visit the Teradata Express for VMware download page or read the launch announcement for more details.

You know how we at DevX World HQ like to keep up with the times... Well, you can now "like" or "plus-one" articles, blogs and forum posts on DevX. This replaces our old "thumbs-up" mechanism. To show the love, just click the appropriate icon in the toolbar at the top of the content page. 

Summer is here (at least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere), and I hope the living is easy. Time for a recap of last quarter's activity.

It's been a busy start to 2011 on Teradata Developer Exchange. Let's get going on the recap.

The biggest development is the new-and-improved Teradata Downloads. The legacy Teradata Download Center has been shuttered, and all content moved to This should result in a more useable, comprehensive, timely, reliable and performant download experience. Since we're on the topic of downloads... the newly available Block Level Compression Evaluation Utility can be run against TD 13.10 to select the list of BLC candidate tables and evaluate BLC space and performance impact. Jenny Wang has also written an accompanying article on the BLC Utility. There have been new releases of Teradata Geospatial, JDBC Driver, JMS Universal Connector, SQL Assistant, and Teradata Multi-System Manager. Finally, there's a new procedure for acquiring  TAM for TRS using Oracle GoldenGate.

Happy new year to all DevX users, and I hope it's gotten off to a productive start. Time to recap the final months of 2010 on Developer Exchange.

With the autumn closing in, it's about time for another recap of activity here on Developer Exchange.

We've been flying along recently on Developer Exchange. Where to begin?

Let's start with new software. SQL Edition Java Edition 13.01 was released in mid-May, with new features such as FastExport and FastLoad of table data, advanced authentication, and updates for Eclipse 3.5.2. Read the release announcement for more. The Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse 13.02 was released simultaneously. We also saw updates to Viewpoint PDK 13.02Teradata .NET Data Provider, Elastic Marts Builder 1.0, and Teradata Geospatial Release 1.5.

It's been a busy start to the year for Developer Exchange and its related sites. The biggest change has been the long-awaited integration of the legacy Teradata Discussion Forums with the DevX Forums at the new Teradata Forums site. We've migrated across all content and user accounts, so if you've previously posted in the Teradata Discussion forums, all your history is available on the new site. Also, we've rearranged and merged some of the forums so that the purpose of each forum is clearer. For more details on the changes, see Teradata Forums migration imminent, or discuss the changes here. Another significant improvement is that we've enabled HTTPS support for the sensitive areas of the site, such as login, registration, and profile update.

Since the launch of Developer Exchange several months ago, we have been operating with two sets of forums: the legacy Teradata Forums at (which we'll refer to as the Legacy Forums), and the new DevX-hosted forums at (i.e. the new Teradata Forums). We are now about to permanently retire the legacy forums, and migrate the legacy content to the new site.

So, what's happening exactly?

We're happy to announce that we have now enabled HTTPS support for the more sensitive parts of the site. Specifically, you'll be switched to HTTPS when you register, sign-in, get a password reminder, or update your profile. Please send feedback if you have any comments on or concerns with the implementation.