The Internet brings a lot of the metaphors used in the paper and print world to cyberland. One such metaphor is that of alternating colors of rows in a grid for easy reading. An age old practice with a number of merits seems not to work in web applications. Here are my arguments for moving on to plain grids with gridlines:

1. The paper world didn't have functions like mouseover, select, edit etc. On a static page zebra stripping looks fine but when you have interaction and you wish to inform the user of all these interactions the value of zebra stripping is diminished, if not detrimental. All it does is add to the clutter.

2. Users have several alternative ways of getting the same benefit that zebra stripping gave us. For example the user can lock a column and then select the row in question and scroll to view data. A simple mouseover or select works fine too.

Is it time to dump zebra stripping?