So the Developer Exchange is finally live. For those of us working on building the site it's been a fun ride to this point, but this is where the real fun starts! Having a site with no visitors is like having a private antiquities collection. There may be many wonders inside, but what's the point if no one can see them?

For those who are interested, we started building the Developer Exchange last November. We've been through several iterations of the design, end user validation and testing, an external teaser site, several wrestling matches with Drupal and some obstinate code but we're very proud of the final product. And we're not done yet! This is still a beta, although we don't plan to be in beta as long as those Google guys. There will be more functionality to come and quick succession, so stay tuned and Watch This Space. 

In the meantime, sign up, start participating and tell everyone you know about the site.

vijayakrishna 4 comments Joined 05/09
19 May 2009

Great job guys. Keep it going. This is going to be a huge success.

lucky 16 comments Joined 12/08
19 May 2009

We certainly hope so! It's early dates but we're already getting a great response.

vijayakrishna 4 comments Joined 05/09
21 May 2009

Hi lucky,

Just an Idea. As of now, when a user signs into the developers exchange, the user does not have any other advantage except writing comments for articles. It would be great if, the user gets a personal dashboard which could be customized as per his interests and also list all the activities he could perform in the developers exchange.


lucky 16 comments Joined 12/08
23 May 2009

Although I admit there is not a whole host of things a user can do once signed in, there are a few things:

- Post comments to blogs and articles
- Download software from the download section
- Create a profile and fill it with information about themselves.

The last one is the important one IMHO. We really want this to be a community centric site so we intended to continue to add features that will allow people to customize their profile and connect with other like minded folks. As we add more features users will also be able to post in the forums and create their own blogs. We are already working on these features so they should be release in the next month or so (fingers crossed!)

vijayakrishna 4 comments Joined 05/09
24 May 2009

Nice to know that you guys are working on some great features. Congratulations for all the great innovation. Keep it going and all the best. It's a great opportunity for people like me to learn a lot and in turn contribute to this community.

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