Welcome to the future site for the Teradata Developer Exchange. Coming Real Soon Now ™ we will be launching a brand new site dedicated to all things related to development on and around the Teradata database platform. The Teradata Developer Exchange is a new Teradata web property targeted at the external developer community who are actually building applications on our Teradata database and platform. We expect users of the site to come and learn about our products and technologies, share their insights and experiences with other users and participate in the global development community. Users will have access to tutorials, articles, code samples, technology downloads and reference manuals related to their favorite products or features. Additionally, there will be a lively set of forums staffed by Teradata developers who will attempt to answer your questions. And if they have a lot to say, they may also start publishing their thoughts in our Blog stream. By developers for developers Perhaps the best way to describe is that the content will be “by developers for developers”. This is your direct connection with the Teradata developers who are actually building your favorite products or features. They will be publishing articles and thoughts and you have the opportunity to interact directly with them. So how do you get started? Start by signing up for notification when we go live, subscribe to the RSS feed and Watch This Space.