Darryl McDonald, President of Teradata Applications, tweeted this link today:  a practical example of when many of the subjects discussed on this blog come together. 

In a sentence, Wal*Mart (I’m still addicted to the old name) is using in-store real-time geofencing to push offers to customers.  And, as Apple has known for years, the use of Wal*Mart eco-system alone has the virtuous result of more sales and increased customer stickiness.  "This new breed of mobile-empowered customers is good news for us," Thomas said. "Compared to nonapp users, customers with a Wal-Mart app make two more shopping trips a month to our stores and spend nearly 40 percent more each month."

Pair this with Wal*Mart’s huge store of information about each customer’s shopping habits and desires, coupled with like customer’s data, and they can anticipate needs that the customer didn’t realize that they had.  We’ve come a long way from stacking the beer next to the diapers.