“All Things Digital” from the WSJ site pointed to the latest sales estimates for gadgets over the holiday period for 2011.  What stood out was the huge decline in hand-held gadgets:  specifically, dedicated gadgets for which “there is an app for that:”

Blu-ray players: Down 17 percent. (Streaming)

Camcorders: Down 42.5 percent. (Smart Phone)

Digital picture frames: Down 37.5 percent. (Smart Phone)

GPS: Down 32.6 percent. (Smart Phone)

HDD: Down 25.1 percent. (Cloud)

MP3 players: Down 20.5 percent. (Smart Phone)

Point-and-shoot cameras: Down 20.8 percent. (Smart Phone)


What I am seeing here is the replacement of individual devices for a single, all-in-one device as long as the quality is there.  And this device will also be expected to be the hub for our interaction with the “Internet of Things,” the subject which has been discussed on this blog under the “Tera-Connection” titled posts.  And these are getting pretty expansive:  baby monitors and scales, clothing, learning thermostats (but what if you disagree?), all-in-one remotes, security systems, restocking refrigerators.  Pretty much anything you can imagine now that the embedded systems require so little power. 

This is natural to enterprise data warehouse purveyors, who have been asked to supply that all encompassing single version of the truth as long as I can remember.  And to present this data through a single portal, with more complex tools embedded (read:  apps) for those who need to use them.  Much like that touch screen in your pocket.

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10 Jan 2012

Very informative John

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