Just a quick blog to provide a status on current and future browser support for Teradata Viewpoint.

The current (as of July 2011) officially supported browsers are the Internet Explorer 6.x, 7.x, 8.x versions and Firefox 3.x. Note that native support for IE 8.x was introduced with Viewpoint 13.11, earlier Viewpoint versions requires one to run IE 8.x in IE 7.x compatibility mode.

Teradata Viewpoint 13.12, with expected GCA by end of August, will add Firefox 4.x, Chrome 10.x, and Safari 5.x to the officially supported browser list.

First note of caution, if the customer is using TMSM or Data Mover portlets, these new browsers have not completed certification for those solutions quite yet. As of Viewpoint 13.12, we are also dropping support of Internet Explorer 6.x. It just doesn't have the support for Java script needed to support advanced Web applications.

Second note of caution, the browser landscape is changing rapidly. New major browser releases for both Firefox and Chrome are coming out more frequently and people are often auto-upgraded to these new versions. We have this situation already with Firefox 5.x, Chrome 11.x, and Chrome 12.x version availability.

We are reviewing our certification processes as how best to deal with this new more aggressive browser release strategy and would appreciate everyone's help in ensuring usage of an officially supported browser version.