First off, my apologies on slacking in my series of blogs on cool Viewpoint features. Was the last one really November? Spilt milk at this point, so let's get to it. One of the key considerations to Viewpoint development planning is "ease of use" and the desire to make Viewpoint as intuitive as possible. Although we believe we have been successful in this initiative, we still provide additional assistance features within Viewpoint to help everyone along.

So this blog is on learning how to learn in Viewpoint and what features are available in promoting this.

The first and most important assistance feature offered is Teradata Viewpoint Help. This on-line help is available in the upper right hand corner of the Viewpoint frame and represented by the "question mark" image as shown below:

The vast majority of questions about Viewpoint and Viewpoint portlets can be answered by spending a little time reading the related help organized by Viewpoint functions and available portlets. As the help is built into the Viewpoint RPMĀ packages, the help and currently available portlets should never get out of sync. No stale documentation here. The help provides a logical flow linking the documentation to the actual usage of the portlet. The explanations are complimented by informative screen shots and pointers to ensure everything you see is identified. For example, the help screen shot of Viewpoint Monitoring portlet looks like this:

The view with descriptions accompanied by a wealth of text explanations. The Viewpoint help is the first thing your "self service" end users of Viewpoint should be aware of. The help is more than just an explanation of how the portlet works but provides valuable reference material regarding various options. An example of this might be referencing help to determine what metrics can be displayed in the Capacity Heatmap and Metrics Graph trending portlets and which metrics category are they offered. There's plenty offered to justify even the most experienced Viewpoint user a peak at the metrics list in help occasionally. So in the "Capacity Heatmap View" section of Viewpoint help, there is a "Trend-Reporting Metrics" option that leads one to the full list of available metrics.

However Viewpoint help is not the only assistance feature. Throughout Viewpoint, there is a pleathora of Viewpoint tool tips and pop-up boxes. These tips are brought out by simply hovering over items in various portlets. Some examples.

Hover over a system in the System Health summary view and you may see one of the following:

So the tools are not only helpful, they are dynamic based on your roles permissions. Another example at the drill down level is explanations on not only the metric itself but why the metric is shaded unlike the other ones.

And of course, some of the tool tips provide a deeper level of detail than the view itself:

And all those examples are from only one portlet.

The Workload Monitor portlet will explain each of the different levels of TASM management through tool tips and also provide more details to summary detailed views. This screen shot has been doctored a bit to include multiple tool tips / pop-ups in one view. This is just to save on real estate in this blog. Just about every item in this view has some type of assistance popping up somewhere.

I think you get the picture. So don't be afraid of Viewpoint and the growing number of available portlets. Embrace it with Viewpoint help, tool tips, and pop-ups. Soon enough, you'll be the resident expert on Viewpoint.