Personal Workspace Template aka Elastic Marts Builder has been discontinued.  For further information check here.

helge 14 comments Joined 02/08
22 Nov 2010

We've just installed Elastic Marts Builder on our Viewpoint 13.10 site, but I can't get passed the errormessage: "Not Enough Space Available"

This is, as far as I can see, not correct. The different Sanbox users and databases has been given plenty of permspace.
Deep down in the source code, I found that this query should be run:

SELECT SUM(maxpermspace - currentpermspace)
FROM dbc.dbase a
INNER JOIN dbc.databasespace b ON a.databaseID = b.databaseID
INNER JOIN dbc.tvm c ON b.tableID = c.tvmid
WHERE a.databasename = #dbName#
AND c.tvmname = 'all';

But this query is not logged in DBQL...

So does anyone know what is happening? Is this an access issue?
The viewpoint.log shows only this:

INFO 22 Nov 2010 12:49:13,934 [http-80-Processor15] [com.teradata.engtools.portlets.dataupload.controllers.DataUploadViewController.checkEnoughSpace(793)] checkEnoughSpace()

DougAllison 1 comment Joined 08/10
21 Jan 2011

Being a newbe, I am not sure if I am posting to the correct location, but here goes.

We have downloaded and installed the latest version of the Elastic Marts on our Viewpoint Server (V13.00.01.04-b58). I was eventually able to to create a mart, upload a file, and successfully run a query against it. Issues/Comments below.

1) Errors on Creation:

a. While creating the mart, I received a really helpful message stating that “An Error has Occurred”. No idea exactly what caused it.

b. When I retried with the same information, I received a different error stating that the user ID already exists.

c. When I check in TD Administrator, I see that in fact, the new Database was created and associated with the dallison user ID.

2) There is no option to retroactively associate a TD ID with an existing mart, once it has already been created.
a. You should be able to associate your own or any other ID after the mart is created.
b. You should be able to associate more than one ID with the mart after it is created. (It would be helpful if this could be one WHEN the mart is created.

3) There is no easy way for the owner to remove a Mart once it is created.

4) Why was the advanced link removed in the latest release? This should be a configurable option.

dfu 8 comments Joined 09/09
26 Jan 2011

You will want to check the viewpoint logs to see what the error is. Most likely the error is due to the mail relay not being setup correctly.

j.vidyapriya 1 comment Joined 03/11
21 Mar 2011

Hi, we have installd the latest version of elastic mart portlet and allocated 1GB perm to DB_Sandbox_users. But when we are trying to test it, we cant create a workspace with 100MB. The error is 'Not enough space'. Can anyone pls help me resolve this issue?

helge 14 comments Joined 02/08
22 Mar 2011

Our exsperience was that we got the errormessage "not enough space" no matter what the error was. In our case i thing the problem was with some missing access rights, I had to download and read through the code of the "elastic marts builder" to understand what was happening, before I could find what the real problem was...
There was so many errors and bugs in this portlet that we have discarded it all together and are waiting for Teradata to come up with a real product... Rumors are that they are working on something...:-)
In the meantime we're using the Atanasoft SchemaTool for users to load data to sandbox, DBA's manualy maintaining the sandbox DB's...

gryback 151 comments Joined 12/08
23 Mar 2011

I'll confirm the rumor. We are working on a product offering around "Data Labs" with the first release focus being labs governance and management. The product will be in the form of a Viewpoint portlet bundle with initial release availability planned late 2011. Stay tuned.

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