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The following Teradata 12 Certification Exams are now available:

  • Teradata 12 Basics (TE0-121)
  • Teradata 12 SQL (TE0-122)
  • Teradata 12 Physical Design and Implementation (TE0-123)
  • Teradata 12 Database Administration (TE0-124)
  • Teradata 12 Solutions Development (TE0-125)
  • Teradata 12 Enterprise Architecture (TE0-126)
meta 2 comments Joined 11/09
02 Apr 2010

Hi DebraH

I want to go for Teradata 12 SQL (TE0-122) Certification Exam...
Do I need to pass Teradata 12 Basics (TE0-121) to go for Teradata SQL or can I directly attend TE0-122 Certification Exam


hanumanth 1 comment Joined 03/10
06 Apr 2010

Hi Debarh,

I want to go for teradata 12 basics TE0-121 certification exam. could you please suggest me the below -

* complete reference material / books
* is the exam includes only theortical concepts?


DebraH 1 comment Joined 09/09
09 Apr 2010

For all information about achieving Teradata Certification, please refer to the official Teradata Certified Professional Program (TCPP) website:
Additional inquiries should be emailed to the Teradata Certification Support mailbox:

03 Jun 2010

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gskaushik 5 comments Joined 09/10
23 Sep 2010

The following are the objectives defined for Te0-121

TE0-121 Teradata 12 Basics Exam

Topics include:
• Teradata Product Overview
• Processing Types and Characteristics
• Data Warehouse Architectures
• Relational Database Concepts
• Teradata RDBMS Components and Architecture
• Database Managed Storage
• Data Access Mechanics
• Data Availability Features
• Teradata Tools and Utilities
• Workload Management
• Security and Privacy

This is a very high level of the objectives , is there any drill down obejctives , So we can prepare for the exam easily.

Subramanian kaushik Gurumoorthy

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