Teradata's Workload Management offerings have drastically changed over the past few years.  Further, not only has the functionality changed, but the product delivery mechanisms have changed as well.  This blog entry will focus on these delivery mechanisms, and how they have changed.

Product Evolution Timeline: 

The Timeline below shows how the majority of Workload Management products have transitioned from a Desktop-based product set (e.g. THICK-client) to the Web-based Viewpoint solution (e.g. THIN-client).


More Questions?

Hopefully, this all makes sense and this blog entry has helped you understand how the product delivery mechanisms have changed over time.  

If not, drop me an email or post a comment.


g.eswar 1 comment Joined 10/09
01 Feb 2012

Hi Darrick,

Looks nice!

Can you please elobrate more about Workload health,Workload monitor and Workload designer.

Thanks in advance ...



Darrick S 5 comments Joined 10/09
02 Feb 2012


Please refer to the following articles by Gary Ryback:

1. Viewpoint Workload Designer: http://developer.teradata.com/viewpoint/articles/teradata-viewpoint-13-10-released

2. Viewpoint Workload Health / Workload Monitor: http://developer.teradata.com/viewpoint/articles/teradata-viewpoint-13-02-released

tssr_2001 1 comment Joined 06/09
05 Mar 2014

Superb, Darrick S.
It would be better if you can also share product evolution timelines from V2R5 till the latest version 14.10... for TASM and others too....

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