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23 Nov 2015

Earlier this year I posited that, due to the exponential rate of growth, the amount of data collected for analysis is becoming beyond the scope of the current analytical staffs to examine it all.  And that the answer to growing the cumulative brain power necessary for this exponential growth in analysis is going to have to be machine learning and artificial intelligence. This is now in the works.

13 Nov 2015


You may want to skip over this posting. 

Unless you’re curious about some of the more obscure workload classification conventions used by TASM and TIWM.

05 Nov 2015

In July 2015 Eric shared on insights on the Teradata Python Module which is supporting the devops approach. The article above is describing the main functions and is showing basic examples how to use them. In the meantime, the discussions clarified some questions and also revealed some minor bugs which had been fixed instantly.

02 Nov 2015

If you are user DBC or user TDWM and you log onto a Teradata Database, you might get treated somewhat differently than other users.  This posting describes what user DBC and user TDWM do, some of the special things about them, and when you can expect them to get treated differently.   We’ll also look at any implications in setting up workload management for these two special users.