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I was lucky enough to be able to attend Partners in San Diego last week.  As part of that, I did have an opportunity to speak a time or two and discussed a few performance issues.

I discussed swapping, SegIO Reads, and measuring I/O bandwidth but wasn't able to provide detail or queries, etc. at the time.

They are below.

This is just a quick note to put some information out here to see if it helps you to more easily create charts from the Resusage data.

Much of the information you should be tracking comes from DBC.ResUsageSPMA, and that is what this process is going to analyze. Note that this process is for TD12 only.

You see.  I kind of understood the following chart on MP-RAS.  This is the FreeMem tab from the "Higa Charts" on an actual MP-RAS system on which I did some performance work.  (Hopefully, everyone is familiar with the Higa Charts that you can create using the views, macros and excel chart created by Larry Higa.  If not, let me know if I should write a blog about creating these charts to help get you started using these powerful tools.)