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11 Jan 2011

Happy new year to all DevX users, and I hope it's gotten off to a productive start. Time to recap the final months of 2010 on Developer Exchange.

04 Jan 2011

Long before TASM, there were throttles.  We call them “system throttles” or “object throttles” today in order to differentiate them from TASM’s workload throttles.  These classic concurrency control mechanisms, that can delay queries before they begin execution, are alive and thriving.  And interestingly, they offer sometimes-forgotten power and flexibility that can make them very useful for customers without full TASM implementation or capabilities, but who still want more control over their workload environment.

04 Jan 2011

I finally caught up on my reading over the holidays – funny what 12 hours of captivity in coach will do – and I highly recommend the November 6, 2010 special report from The Economist on Smart Systems. 

The major monster data feeds here are smart phones, sensors and meters.  We are talking a lot of data here:  zettabytes, which are billions of terabytes. 

17 Dec 2010

Data Source with Fully Qualified Domain Name can speed up logons plagued with slow "Name to IP-Address resolution". 

07 Dec 2010

In the past, you, like many people, probably considered 62 AMP worker tasks (AWT) as the logical limit that can be used to support user work at any one point in time.

22 Nov 2010

A common question about the Entity Framework(EF) is how to use stored procedures within the framework for insert, update and delete operations. The answer is that leveraging stored procedures for insert, update and delete is actually a built-in capability of EF.

15 Nov 2010

When I presented at the Teradata Partners conference on the subject of Long Tails and Black Swans in 2008, one of the anecdotal stories I told was about online specialty diaper purchases in Germany.  I was amazed that online stores could compete with the brick and mortar outlets on goods with such low margins, including the additional shipping costs.  Well…  Amazon has confirmed this with the purchase on the online diaper and soap store provider Quidsi, Inc.