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17 Aug 2011

The System Health Equation in Teradata Viewpoint is an excellent way to quickly evaluate the overall health of a Teradata Database system.  The equation can incorporate metrics surrounding a variety of aspects of the system, including CPU, skew, AWTs, disk space, query activity, and node and VPROC status.  It is highly customizable so the equation can be tuned to accurately report the health based on what the DBA deems appropriate for each separate Teradata Database system.

29 Jul 2011

The FastExport utility is usually seen as a batch-oriented job to use when you need to return large numbers of rows from the database to a user.   It is the ideal tool for efficiently and quickly returning large answer sets, sorted or otherwise, back to the client from the database.   That’s why it was named the way it was:  “FastExport”.  

It might surprise you that FastExport  can also be used against small data volumes.  And when it is, Teradata 13.10 includes an important enhancement that gives you a more efficient way to get those rows back quickly.

22 Jul 2011

Some months ago I shared a demo tool to copy data between two Teradata systems using TPT ( The tool is generating and executing the TPT scripts and enables fast test of throughput and best parameter settings. 

In the mean time we learned some lessons which I like to share here.

15 Jul 2011

Just a quick blog to provide a status on current and future browser support for Teradata Viewpoint.

13 Jul 2011

Summer is here (at least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere), and I hope the living is easy. Time for a recap of last quarter's activity.

10 Jul 2011

When Flat SQL looping logic involves complex processing of data elements from multiple tables, the loops can almost always be transformed into Set SQL with derived tables. By eliminating looping logic, the performance benefits of parallel processing can be exploited.

05 Jul 2011

Over the last couple of years, I have discussed on this blog a number of data explosions coming down the line that will have a huge impact on data warehouse implementations now and into the future.  Many of these topics now fall under the umbrella of “big data.”

And Teradata Corporation – who I work for – has purchased the big data analytics provider Aster Data this year.  So we can look forward to a much closer integration of the typical enterprise data warehouse and big data analytics going forward.

21 Jun 2011

In my previous posts on missing functions i covered SQL:2008 DENSE_RANK and CUME_DIST & NTILE.
This time i'll talk about additional functions based on sorted sets of values, SQL:2008's PERCENTILE_DISC and PERCENTILE_CONT plus a MEDIAN calculation.

21 Jun 2011

Yet another blog in the series of cool Viewpoint features. This blog however combines Viewpoint cool features with a basis on a true customer analysis success story. The resulting customer feedback was that Viewpoint allowed much quicker problem analysis and resolution. The alternative would have been to write various SQL statements against DBQL equating to a longer analysis cycle with most likely less success in problem isolation.

17 Jun 2011

I was recently asked about NO RANGE, UNKNOWN, and NO RANGE OR UNKNOWN partitions for the RANGE_N function.  While these have been available since TD V2R5.0, there is sometimes confusion about what they mean and when to use or not use them.